The camera often “lies”

An interesting example of the foreshortening effect you get using an extreme telephoto lens. This was shot on a 7D with an 800mm lens attached. For all the world it looks as if one egret is about to pounce on the other. I am tempted to call out: he’s behind you! The pantomime demon egret strikes again?

In reality it is fishing and a fair distance away from the other bird. As far as I know Little Egrets are not prone to cannibalism but they do like to go for “Mudskipper Surprise” off the a la carte menu. Certainly this mudskipper was surprised. His entire day/life was ruined.

But even after a large main course, there is still room for one wafer-thin little fish to finish off the meal.


Another sad end. Unless you are an egret.

3 thoughts on “The camera often “lies”

  1. Very nice! As far as bird behavior goes, watching egrets fish is about one of my favorite things to do. I love the way they create shade with their wings, “inviting” fish in for safety, then pounce on them. I guess that sounds a little harsh, but I do think it is gorgeous behavior…quite ingenious.

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