Green flash

When I was a kid the term green flash would probably have conjoured up Dunlop tennis shoes. Now I am older and arguably a little wiser. Today it means I have found Atripe eryx eryx in the garden. A new garden butterfly tick – great joy.

As an added bonus I took the image below with a new ‘toy’ – the Canon Powershot SX50 HS. More on this miracle of technology to come. So this was a handheld shot, jpeg, sitting on the lawn in the back garden:

Artipe eryx eryx

I didn’t honestly recognize this Lycaenidae but it is clearly identifiable from the HK Leps Soc. volume 4 of A photographic Monograph on Hong Kong Butterflies.

More to the point it should be in our garden. Its LFP (larval foodplant) is Gardenia jasminoides and we have one covering a whole wall! I shall need to look out for the larvae in future. Its status is ‘uncommon’ so that’s nice too.

It just goes to show you don’t need to leave home to find unusual visitors.

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