Less is more

Two more shots of the stork from Tuesday. I did go out again today but the light was shocking and the birds were pretty much absent. My 4.45 wake up was in vain.

I had this idea that one shot of the stork in particular should look good in B&W. I have played around with it but in the end I could not get the effect I wanted so I gave up on it. The next effort was a half hour spent tinkering with all sorts of sliders and curves, creating layers and running actions. Finally, a frame that was resized and sharpened for web and nothing more.The last 2 frames are below and I suspect you can guess which is which. The lesson learned (again) is that sometimes the image just doesn’t need any real processing.

Neither image has proper eye contact and that for a bird shot often if not invariably means it fails. However here the bird is preening so it is almost a given that the head is going to half buried in its plumage and therefore I submit that these images do ‘work’. That is a personal view and feel free to disagree. Loudly if you wish.



3 thoughts on “Less is more

  1. Seeing the eye, in my opinion does not make or break a photo. Photos of animals and people do not always have a visible eye in order for the viewer to feel a connection. Therefore, in my humble and non pro opinion the bird does not need an eye showing in order for the pic to be a good one. These are very nice photos and I can tell that you really care “what you put out there’ for others to see. I admire your dedication and hard work to be the best photographer that you can be.

    • Thanks for your comment. Your opinion is as valid as anybody’s and a pro is simply someone who happens to get paid for taking shots – no monopoly on ‘wisdom’. I do try to take care with my offerings but its not always easy. I am certainly not a pro, just a retired guy having a bit of fun but always trying to improve.

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