From Near to Infinity starring………

my new friend, the Canon SX50 HS.

I decided this morning to test the camera a little more rigorously. As luck would have it the first Common Buzzard of the autumn flew over out garden so I had a go at a BIF shot (Bird in Flight to the uninitiated). And here it is, viewed through the beer glass viewfinder, zoomed as far out as I could without losing it and shot in Burst Mode.

And yes it is cropped.

But after doing it’s Hubble job on a BIF I decided to see if it could do an IIF or Insect in Flight. I just made that up 🙂

And here it is again:

The second insect effort was not quite so impressive and this one was not even in flight:

Chrysomya sp.

So I tried something easier – the Frangipani tree, complete with the dreaded Frangipani rust spots visible:

And finally, as we absolutely have to have B&W, an arty farty shot of some seed heads that reminded me of fireworks:

So there we are. Another round of rigorous exercise for the SuperZoom. My favourite is Dideopsis aegrotus, the hover fly. But the bizzard was quite a surprise. If the bird had been 500m lower it would have been quite photographable. Now if only Canon would fix my under warranty Speedlight.

10 thoughts on “From Near to Infinity starring………

  1. I agree with the other posters; the black and white is really splendid, but as usual I like your macro work quite a lot…really well done on both! Looking forward to seeing how you like the RAW capability of this camera.

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