Fall Guy

I’d like to start on a serious note. I started blogging ‘seriously’ almost one year ago. It was a retirement decision. Something to keep my brain active. I don’t know much about anything but I do know how to appreciate the world about me. I was recently a little surprised to discover that the blog has over one hundred followers but there is a hard core that keeps coming back for more, leaves a ‘Like’ and an occasional comment. Thank you for doing so as if you didn’t, I would stop and probably my brain would atrophy pretty quickly. Sometimes it can be quite hard work to blog regularly and I am afraid a short hiatus is imminent when Mrs. Ha and I decamp to Korea for a short break. I doubt if I shall be allowed the luxury of taking my laptop with me. I am, shockingly, about to discover what is behind the curtain if you turn right when you get onto an aircraft. This experience is apparently part of a ‘package’ that we have bought but is one I would have happily foregone. If I survive the ordeal I shall report back.

It is quite hard to be upbeat today when we look at the mess the world is in. Cast your eyes about you and name me one statesman amongst the deadwood that claims to lead the world. Yes they are generally very bright, well educated and sound of mind. But they never show any evidence of that. Look how they preach armageddon everywhere. Cheer up chaps, the world is about to end. Toddle off to your bunker, lock yourself in, pull up an armchair, pour yourself a stiff drink and wait for the trumpet to sound. Incorruptible. What a joke. Do they ever think that there might be a link between the reluctance of the people to go out and spend (Mrs. Ha excepted), the resistance of firms to invest for the long term and the messages of impending economic destruction they constantly preach? What is a retired man to do with his modest savings? Buy gold, don’t buy gold, hoard cash, buy bonds, sell bonds, go long equities, go short equities, sell your granny, buy real estate, sell real estate…… Well my suggestion is to ignore the whole lot of them, carry on as if everything is normal and enjoy what is left of the planet. It doesn’t work but it makes you feel better.

Today was perhaps the best day of the Autumn so far, or Fall as some of you recognize it. I am indifferent to how you refer to the season as long as it stays like today. 25C, 70% RH and lovely soft sunshine. The Air Quality index is down to Dangerous even if the Politician Quality index remains in the Very Dangerous zone. This was a view from my local patch today.

If you want a little entertainment (and don’t we all) today you can play that well known and popular quiz game, guess the camera. There are two to choose from, or if you wish to be pedantic, from which to choose.

I was surprised to see my old friends the lantern bugs out and about this morning. The must be mutivoltine. Here is one I found right by the path:

I also found a deserted wasp nest.

Although wasps tend to get a bad press they are master craftsmen. This is a very impressive construction.

I also found a cicada – clinging to a tree trunk well above head height.

I was quite impressed with this, even if I say it myself. I also took some plant photos. I am not much of a botanist so I can tell you only one of the three species names.


We have these growing in our garden and I didn’t know until today that they were called Zephyranthes candida. The next ones I still have to find a name for.

Almost there folks….. hang in there! Another bug on  a flower, in fact a hover fly on a yellow head. Its probably an Eristalinus sp.


And something I have never seen before…….. a bagworm emergence! My timing was fortuitous and this was a pretty large one. Look left, look right, look left again. If all clear, quick……EMERGE!

I wasn’t a member of the Tufty Club for nothing, you know.

And because no blog is complete without a monochrome, here are some of the trees from the LNEC, without their greenery.

And that is it for another day or so. Don’t forget….. which photos were taken with the 5D3 and which ones with the SX50 HS? Its your vote at home that counts.

9 thoughts on “Fall Guy

  1. Well, Andrew, I aint no pro here or rather, I am not a professional photographer or semi pro so my opinion really is not valid. I am not going to even try to figure our which camera you used for any of the very nice images. The macros are superb. The black and white- I like very much.

    But on to the trip that you and Mrs. Ha are taking. I hope and pray that both of you come back safe and sound. I’ll be looking forward to photos of Korea.

    PS: I liked your comments about government and money, and prophets of doom.

    • Thanks Yvonne. We are going to an island resort famous for its scenery so we will hopefully come back with some nice landscapes. You don’t need to be pro or even semi-pro to express an opinion. I’m always happy to get feedback, good or bad.

    • Bob, not all of them are SX50 shots. The flowers are all 5D3 files but the cicada is an SX50 shot I could not have got with a DSLR. Too high. The light body and fold out screen allowed me to get it. I think there is a slight colour cast to some of the SX50 shots. I need to see what is causing it.

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