6 thoughts on “Lulu – by special request :-)

  1. Andrew, I am just getting back to the ole email and website. Your wife would get a laugh herself if she had seen and heard my reaction to the first pic of LuLu. I laughed so hard and covered my mouth to keep from frightening my cats. I giggled so loud 2 cats that are spoiled, looked at me with huge eyes. They seldom hear me talk and I don’t laugh out loud very often.

    That little dog looks as if she could be clownish and certainly a diva. The portraits of her are outstanding. It makes no difference if she is just a “bit tempermental?) she is one beautiful dog. Yes, I can see that she would rule the roost over you and your wife. Post more of her from time to time. These pics are so good. I loved them. Now, if I can only get my pet photos to look half as good…

    Thank you, Yvonne

    • Thanks so much, Yvonne. Lulu is very flattered. She had a long walk this morning and is a bit tired but she is certainly a diva when the mood takes her. She is quite photogenic, which helps but the top image is my favourite too.

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