Korean Chaos

Well, I mentioned last time that I was always happy to try something different so here goes. I have always been an old fuddy duddy and uploaded my images one at a time. The screen told me I could upload en masse but why should I change the habit of a lifetime? Or twelve months. But today I not only uploaded the images all in one go, by golly I did them as a slide show. Is there no end to the innovation man can produce?

I ran this on the preview and I have to confess that I am not convinced it looks as good but it certainly saved about an hour of work. Compromises sometimes have to be made. After all, it has been a long day. Just before I was going out this morning I noticed damage to one of my iPhone charger cables. I suspected a small personage might be to blame and by evening time it had been established in the family court that Lulu H. was guilty as charged and would henceforth be banned from trying to use Siri or abuse the phones in any other way. I poo-pooed the Korean His’n’Hers matching outfits but yes, Mrs Ha and I have an iPhone each, although hers is in a rather natty pink case and mine isn’t. That is why when she dropped hers the cover cracked and the phone remained intact and when I dropped mine the glass back to the phone shattered and cost me HK$220 to replace it. My argument, for what it is worth, is that I like the phone because it is light and putting it into a case simply removes one of its advantages. This is not a review of the iPhone but does anybody else have a problem with overheating. My 4Gs regularly shuts itself down and sometimes it is seriously hot to touch. I am told this is normal because of the awesome processing power being used. I suspect that is BS but I don’t know.

We also went shopping. Shopping is the greatest torture that can be inflicted on me. I go into a catatonic state and become at best monosyllabic when asked to make choices. My sole goal is to get the experience over with as quickly as possible. I can see no useful purpose in looking at 56 different oranges to work out which is the best one. Cereal is cereal. As long as it isn’t coated half an inch thick in sugar I don’t really care whether it is ShreddyBix or BranCorn. Nevertheless it always ends up with the most excellent meals on the table so I really ought to be grateful. The other downside to shopping is that I have started to discover what things cost. Come on…… can you really pay HK$45 for two tomatoes? Thats about three quid something!!! Ok, they came all the way from Holland but even if they mailed them individually I doubt if it could cost that much. And MILK???? A carton of milk almost needs a mortgage nowadays. As a student I lived on a farm in my finals year. We could go down to the dairy and take a jug straight from the cows in the morning. No bull. Of course it wasn’t pasteurised and we might have contracted botulism or something equally bad but we didn’t as far as I know. Admittedly of the three of us sharing the house only I am still alive but I don’t think it was the milk that did for Mike or Colin. I doubt if Health & Safety had been invented in those days. I suspect we paid about 6d a jug or maybe 2.5p as we had just gone decimal in the 70s. I can never see the word pasteurised without laughing. This stems from the old Benny Hill song “Ernie – the fastest milkman in the West”, which contained the rather risque couplet:

He said do you want it pasteurised, ‘coz pasteurized is best

She said Ernie I’ll be happy if it comes up to my chest.

Laughed? Well we did in those days. None of which has anything to do with Korea.  And it wasn’t all bad today. I spent a most enjoyable hour catching up with a loyal reader of my blog. He always shares his knowledge and experience most generously and this morning was no exception. It gave me fortitude for the shopping ahead.

I could not find a theme for today’s images hence the chaos in the title.  They are all over the place.  There are a couple of bird shots, some blurred flowers, a sunset from the hotel….. the usual junk. I’m not sure whether I shall adopt this approach again. You can vote Hit or Miss if you wish, Juke Box Jury style. And with that….. on with the show. I hope. I promise you it worked in preview. I hope it does when I press the publish button.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


6 thoughts on “Korean Chaos

  1. I have a 4s that I keep in a case. The only time it’s gotten hot to touch is when I was using the flashlight app for a good five minutes or so while trying to do some emergency repairs on the boat in the dark. It’s not made to keep running the LED for that long. Other than that, no overheating at all no matter how much I’m surfing the net or how long I’m watching video. By the way, I pre-orderd the Sony NEX-6, which can supposedly upload photos straight to the web from my phone. We’ll see how well that really works.

    • Thanks Fred. I’m keen to see what the NEX6 can do. I won’t upgrade to iPhone 5 and I’m not sure what I’ll do when this gives up the ghost but I guessed the overheating wasn’t normal.

  2. Slideshow works fine. About those three-quid tomatoes: i guess they make up for the price difference for changing the iphone screen. In Rome they have asked me 120 euros for the same job. That’s way over 1000HKD. That’s why it’s still cracked. Tomatoes are not so expensive here, though 🙂

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