Elephant tango or “If only elephants ran Congress”.

After the success of yesterday’s elephant shot today I am offering two elephants for the price of one in a Black Wednesday Special. This was shot with a 24-105mm lens at 95mm but with the crop factor that gave me a little more reach. Nevertheless it tells you how close I was to shoot this. The original shot was a massive 8mb so don’t tell me I need 35.

It was also quite a hard shot to take emotionally. What we were watching was an elephant trying to climb a slippery bank to keep up with the herd. It kept failing and was becoming increasingly frantic and distressed. The elephant face on to the camera is trying to help its fellow herd member and out of shot another elephant was pushing also – a true “push me pull you” effort. Eventually the three elephants all made it to safety and rejoined the herd.

It reminded me that the family or community spirit of elephants is every bit as strong as our own. Possibly stronger. If only elephants ran Congress.

12 thoughts on “Elephant tango or “If only elephants ran Congress”.

  1. What a story about elephants helping each other. My heart was in my throat as I read about the elephant in distress. Was I ever relieved to read that all the elephants made it out of that hellish looking water. Wonderful shot. Black and white for me is always good.

  2. Nice series, Andrew. My long glass is most often put to use in Africa, particularly Kruger Park. And well struck on the megapixel race….

    • Steve, I’d love to “do” Kruger. I’ve been to Kenya several times, Tanzania, Ethiopia but never Kruger and I want to do the Okavango too. There’s just so much out there waiting for us.

  3. Great photograph and the story that goes with it is inspiring, Andrew. That all three made the slope is cheering.
    As the elephant is the symbol of the Republican party here is the U.S., I am sure you will have an enthusiastic following for your wish in the business arena. 🙂 But yes, if only there were more altruism and a bit less individualism.

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