I’m the king of the swingers……

Here are 3 swinging images from Borneo. Firstly, everybody’s favourite, I hope, the orang-utan or orang utan. This is a shot taken at Sepilok, a rehab centre for orang-utan.

The second is the only shot I obtained of a truly wild orang. It was shot from a canoe at great distance on a misty morning. Not quite Gorillas in the Mist but close.

And finally on the swingers theme, my favourite….. a wild proboscis monkey, complete in bomber jacket. Eat your heart out Jimmy Durante.

But because I know you like the heffalumps, here is a final one. Do you come here often?

I’ll have another trawl through the Borneo archive later and see what gems remain hidden.

7 thoughts on “I’m the king of the swingers……

  1. Andrew, you are comical. That is some serious monkeying around with your camera. Excellent- all of them. The orang in that very tall tree is like a mystical being (in the midst of the mist)

  2. Loved the photos and envious about the elephants as I didn’t see them on my trip to Kinabatangan – we missed them by an hour sadly

    • Marie, I am sorry to tell you that we saw them twice for extended views in the 5 days and once briefly. I understand that is extremely unusual.

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