The Darter

Anhinga melanogaster to be precise. Oriental darter.

Another shot taken from a canoe in darkest Borneo. This is quite a high key image and not my usual crisp, clear style. Nevertheless it is one of my favourites from the trip and one I have reworked several times. This is my first B&W rendition.

Incidentally, if you are really interested in Borneo I do recommend The Malay Archipelago by Alfred Russel Wallace. Google Books describes it as a work of astounding breadth and originality that chronicles the British naturalist’s scientific exploration of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and New Guinea between 1854 and 1862. This is a book I have read twice and will undoubtedly read again.

7 thoughts on “The Darter

  1. That bird appears to have a huge wing span. I like the B&W but I think I would have preferred to see the bird in color but none the less it is a good one. I see the comment above liked the B&W. Since it is a bird that I have never seen before, I reckon that is why I prefer color for this one.

  2. Excellent action shot! Love the B&W too.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about “The Malay Archipelego” by Alfred Russell Wallace. Another Welshman by the way! 😉

    I read the book probably about 15 years ago when I went to Indonesia. Part of that trip was crossing the Wallace Channel between Bali and Lombok on the way to Komodo Island.

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