A room with a deja vu

As I typed the heading I wondered to whom the quote should be attributed “it’s deja vu all over again”. I discovered that it is that wonderful American philosopher, Yogi Berra. I came late to discovering YB but a good friend of mine quotes him frequently. Wikipedia has a selection of his quotes, of which my favourite is: “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t go to yours.”

My view of course is this one:

I took this yesterday, late in the afternoon. Now the problem with working in a study with this view before you is of course the temptation to spend more time gazing through the glazing than concentrating on the job to be done. Already this morning I have been compelled to lift my binoculars to watch three White-backed munias, a Large-billed crow, several Black kites, a selection of bulbuls and a Yellow-browed warbler. I have also scanned in vain for the cormorant that yesterday was sitting on the rocks below.

Nevertheless I do sometimes manage to do some ‘work’ and I have just finished reading “The Art of Photography” byBruce Barnbaum. One thing that struck me was his presentations in high key.

At this point there was an interruption of almost 30 minutes as a very interesting bird appeared in the garden. It is a Black-winged cuckoo-shrike and a garden tick for me 🙂

It was rapidly followed by a pair of Olive-backed pipits but they fall into the category of chooks.

Back to the high key theme. I am normally a ‘high structure, high contrast’ chap so I wondered whether I would have any real feel for the subtler approach. Here then are two of my efforts from the Borneo archive. To make it easier for myself I chose early morning, misty scenes.

And this is what I would normally have gone for.

Much darker almost silhouette in tone, with high clarity bringing out the surface of the river strongly.

If I am honest I like the first and the third but not so much the middle one. But the point was to learn and experiment a little. And as November comes to a close that is my lot. December will be a short blogging month as we head off shortly down south. Not long until Christmas now (groan).

10 thoughts on “A room with a deja vu

  1. The view from your study should be your new header. Spectacular. You lucky man. I can see how you and Mrs Ha are sold on Hong Kong. The shrike bird sort of looked like a mockingbird. Very nice pic by the way. I like the first Boreno river pic if you could edit the people out of the scene.

      • I think you are probably right about the scale of the photograph. I don’t think about scale because I don’t have the time nor the know how to think about scale. At my age with so little time to actually put into photograpy I just have to point, focus and snap. I wish that I were al least 15 years younger but I have to go with the tides and hope for the best. I am not in any way satisfied with my shots but for now this kit lens will have to do.

        I enjoy other folks photos a lot and look forward to your posts. I feel privilged to be commenting back and forth with someone that lives in Hong Kong. Even my daughter was impressed. This is the beauty of blogging. I think some of us connect with other bloggers for one reason or the other. Maybe it is because a part of us is evident through our words.

  2. I have not finished the book yet. If I had that view I would never finish any reading. 🙂 And I would always fear for missing some special visitor in the garden.
    Of the three lower images, I favor your standard.

  3. I really like the first of the high key images – I like the others too – but the first is my favourite. That misty feeling really comes through. Now I’m going to have to read all about high key photography, thanks a lot! 🙂

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