Clouds stopped play

It may just have stopped raining but the clouds linger. I walked up the hill yesterday and it was so dark overhead I didn’t even bother to take out my camera. The road is quite narrow, banked on each side and with plenty of vegetation so I was on a loser from the start. I did see Black-faced bunting which was a reasonable bird for the patch.

I feel in a Black and White mood today. After experimenting with Dragan effects yesterday I have been introduced to the “Dave Hill” effect. The only Dave Hill I knew before then was the guitarist with Slade (showing my age). But just to prove my first love is birds, here is a shot from January this year, a gull at Nam Sang Wai with a small supporting cast.


Virtually all bird shots nowadays are in colour but think monochrome still has something to offer. I hope you agree. On a cloudy day like today it doesn’t make much difference!


9 thoughts on “Clouds stopped play

  1. Yes agreed and a good shot. It is a really good discipline to return to monochrome from time to time, it really does hone the observation skills. I was looking at some old 1950’s UK photo magazines which contain some excellent examples of black and white photography. Struggling to find same on internet to demonstrate.
    Have been enjoying your latest.

    • Geoff, thanks for commenting. The classic was of course Eric Hosking. I have not only a book of his own photography but two by Guy Mountfort that Eric illustrated. Portrait of a River is especially rich. These are long out of print of course but still obtainable if you search places like ABEbooks. Before I left Britain I went through a phase of collecting this sort of book and now have rows of them sitting on shelves including many first edition New Naturalists, works by Peter Scott etc. My oldest photo magazines go back to 1961. Two bound volumes of Leica Fotografie. I used to like Brian Vesey Fitzgerald too. I think I’m at an age when nostalgia is beginning to kick into overdrive but I haven’t yet lost the urge to learn. I’m researching 3D Printing at the moment as that looks like the next big game changing technology. There is just too much to keep me occupied.

  2. A like the gull in the foreground and his “supporting cast” as you say. I never tire of black and white. I think some photos are probably enhanced in monochrome. Do you know the gull’s name?

    Speaking of a rainy day- it is very gray here in Texas and I think rain is in the forecast for Sunday. Everything is so quite and still today. The air seems muffled- I don’t hear any traffic noise for a change.

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