Lunch on the fly

Well once again I have given up on the weather and resorted to exhuming an old image from the Lightroom catacomb. One could be mistaken for thinking this was taken away from Hong Kong on account of the blue sky. However it is indeed a HK Black kite, Milvus migrans of the race lineatus, photographed locally in August 2010.


I can’t be sure that it is the last remnants of a double cheeseburger with large fries (rather the kite than I) but these birds are after all scavengers and will take pretty much whatever they can get. Not unlike the average teenager. Generally birds shot from below (not in the gamekeeper sense) don’t make great photos but here the detail has been retained on one of those rare occasions when I picked the right exposure – normally EV +1 2/3. There is a semblance of eye contact (look carefully) and the talons have been raised to enable the kite to get the last trace of ketchup.

Tomorrow is a trip to the big city for this country boy so I shall probably return bewitched, bedazzled, bewildered and be-choked by the pollution. As the old joke says, it was a cough that started him off, it was a coffin they carried him off in.

Until we meet again……… if I’m spared.

3 thoughts on “Lunch on the fly

  1. A nice photo of the black kite. I had no idea that any of the raptors are actually scavengers. These birds are certainly resourceful. And I do hope you survive, what I assume to be a shopping trip consisting of all day or several hours of torture.

    • Ben, I am extremely grateful to be nominated for the Liebster Award. I suspect it will seem churlish but I am not going to participate. I am not fundamentally against awards but it isn’t why I do this and I am simply satisfied with seeing that people enjoy visiting and commenting. I am delighted that you have found inspiration from the blog. It is a bit haphazard but that is me! If it is any consolation I am an admirer of your blog too and yours deserves to be taken seriously, unlike mine!

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