The key to life

Well four keys actually.


There is no real theme to today’s post. The weather is marginally brighter but I am not. I was interested in the response to yesterday’s post. I was expecting a blank but it is clear that there is a place even here for some navel gazing and philosophical musing. The one message that is abundantly clear is the need for a  purpose in retirement life and that I have yet to find. Like my photography I tend to dabble – a bit of this and a bit of that. An eclectic mix, a recipe that has lots of good ingredients but sadly the dish tastes rather bland. My mind jumps all over the place. The word bland immediately made me think of Blandings Castle and want to read P G Wodehouse. It is like sitting in front of an old-fashioned switchboard. All those plugs and and all those sockets……. I jump to Dr. Finlay Casebook and the operator connecting the caller to “Arden Hoose”. I think I need someone to cut the cables! Even at night the mind is hyperactive.

I played my old trick this morning of checking what I was photographing this time last year and I discovered one or two I still like. I deleted a whole lot more as the immediacy of attachment has been lost over twelve months.

Number one is to celebrate (if that is the right word) twenty years of texting. Who would have thought “Happy Christmas” could lead us to where we are today. What would journalists do if they had no phones to hack?


Number two is some old adverts. I rather like old signs as they have a real value in my mind, documenting our social history. I am always heartened when I travel to the sub-continent and discover that brands that have long since breathed their last in Britain or indeed HK are still going strong in India, Pakistan, Nepal or wherever….. I wonder if the Fairy Snow-man still knocks on doors in Lahore or do people still do the Daz doorstep challenge in Kathmandu? Can you still buy Omo in Tesco?


And this one I have posted before – it just sums up to me the incongruity and attraction of HK where old is young and everybody can start a business on the streets paved with lap sap.


Oh and the sun was shining brightly this time last year. We have had a dreadful few weeks and I blame global warming, the government and the bankers. But not necessarily in that order. We need a time warp to turn the clocks back 12 months and I’m off to the Rocky Horror Picture Show to make it happen. I can rather see myself in the Meatloaf role. Columbia, where are you???

6 thoughts on “The key to life

    • Ah but Dan & Doris are no more. The Archers isn’t what it used to be. But the Typhoo idea is excellent. Dad, do you know the pianos on my foot? You hum it son, I’ll play it!! Coo-ee Mr. Shifter…..

  1. Well that was/is a good one. Philosophy of life? You are not alone. Do any of us have a real purpose in life. You write of retirement. I’m not sure if you are happy with the new life that retirement brings. For me, and I don’t count much as one to know, retirement brings an entire new set of worries. Did I do the right thing. Do I have something meaningful to do today besides what I was accustomed to doing for so long? Sometimes it is difficult to adjust and to find that niche. If you are a workaholic then that makes it even harder. However, Andrew I think you have something to say- and I believe that once you know that you really can write, then maybe you will be satisfied that you are doing something worthwhile. I believe that most people have to search for a while until something is found to replace that work day that was such a huge part of their life.

    However, I find that what you write is interesting. Sometimes it is over my head but I grasp some of it. No matter if you have a “subject” or not. You can write your thoughts and those thoughts account for more than you know. I believe that you have something to teach and something that you can grow into. Stop worrying about not being productive. You are doing something- you just don’t know that you are.

    My comments are probably way off the road for I might not have totally understood what you wrote.

    But back to the photos. I like the shoe shine guy. It would be great in black and white. Your photos of poeple, etc.have a message. It is there if one really looks.

  2. Thanks for the follow 🙂 I look forward to following you too! You take fabulous photographs, never mind if they are eclectic or not, as long as you enjoy them I’m sure others will too as I do. Lottie

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