The sun has got his (or her) hat on…..

After 16 days without sight of the sun I woke up this morning expecting another grey out. My first reaction on waking was that maybe I had passed peacefully to the other side during the night and the bright light I could see shimmering along the curtain edge must be the fringe of an angel’s gown. Either that or Mrs. Ha and I overdid the Brasso last night and shouldn’t have had the extra slurp.

But no, George Harrison was indeed out there strumming away at Here comes the sun. My Sweet Lord may have been a rip off but this was the real thing. Naturally it didn’t hang around too long and by mid afternoon we are back to Fifty shades of Grey without the naughty bits. (For the avoidance of doubt the author wishes to assure his readers that he has not read the said book but then again I have never read anything by J K Rowling either, she not being very good at writing about photography as far as I can tell).

This is a somewhat tedious way of telling you that for the first time in an age I actually went out and took some photos today. Sadly they weren’t very good. The two books I have read in the last week clearly have not yet ignited the blue touch-paper and turned my somewhat dubious photographic skills into a veritable extravaganza of pyrotechnics.

But here, for your delectation and delight are what I did come away with:

This is in ‘film effect’. I’m not sure about this. I suspect it explains why I went digital!


I think on reflection the colour original is nicer 🙂


This is nicer, a bud waiting to open.


And this a leaf covered in galls. The colours and patterns pleased me greatly.


This was shot at F11 and I think I should have pushed it up to maybe F16 as there are some softer areas.

Despite the poor pickings photographically it wasn’t a bad day for birds – even just sitting here for an hour I have seen a male Daurian redstart and a White-bellied sea-eagle plus the usual residents.  The patch produced a couple of thrushes, a Red-throated flycatcher and a nice Rufous-tailed robin along with roughly 500 school kids.  Despite the fact that they scared away every bird I came across I generously showed them the lantern bugs on the trees as I doubt if the teachers would have noticed them. Now all I have to hope is that the sun returns tomorrow and that, as Sid Waddell once opined, would be the greatest comeback since Lazarus. And just to assure me again that I have not yet crossed over to join the choir invisible, the bird that just appeared outside the window was a Common buzzard rather than a vulture. As far as I know vultures, even after overdosing on diclofenac, do not hover.

Back soon.


3 thoughts on “The sun has got his (or her) hat on…..

  1. Th bud waiting to open is a good one with wonderful color. I so enjoyed what you wrote today.. You really do have writing skills. I wonder if you could make what you write really funny? I have always wished that I could write in a humorous style but I simply do not have the ability.

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