Spoony’s been framed

Just a test. It’s a fine line…….


Feedback appreciated – does the frame need to be bolder and wider?


7 thoughts on “Spoony’s been framed

  1. Is it even on all sides? I can’t tell…it looks thin at the top. At any rate, it does create a nice separation. Of course, I could be distracted by the lovely subject within the frame. That captured drop (hopefully not drool) is really very nice.
    I think it is fine as it is…I believe it is called a stroke and preferable to the other variety. Any larger and there may be a tendency to keep going until it is “Lights Off” ala WhyTake.

    • I agree it looks slightly odd somehow Steve but it was certainly evenly applied by extending the canvas the same amount on each side. I can never make my mind up about frames. Sometimes I like’ em and sometimes I don’t. So there.

      • I agree, Andrew. I have tried to use just a pixel or two creating enough separation without drawing attention…that is where my “first hand experience” occurred. 🙂 If the border is too big it commands the viewer’s eye too much. I like drop shadows a lot as something to dress a posted image although I rarely do them. Really the best thing is for the image to stand on its own. The “Lights Off” feature on WT, I think, is the best way to view in most cases, but I don’t imagine that option is available to us at the level we are with WordPress.

  2. I willl “wade” in here with the spoonbill, even though these guys are pro BUT I disagree. That thin line might as well not be there. It is skimpy and does nothing to enhance the overall look of the bird. If you add a wider border you keep experimenting until you have achieved what looks good to your eye. When I was actually doing pet photography I never framed anything without a matte. The matte really makes a subject standout. I realize this is a bird but really there is no difference. On a bland white page such as this one, you need something to give it some life. If you want to frame for Flickr then put some of your pics in the light box and see what a difference the dark around the subject makes or try using the gallery in WordPress and turn that into a slide show. See for yourself what it does. You can always remove a border if you want ON A STATIC page. The black border would compliment the black beak and face of the bird.. Sorry, I am not capable of brevity.

    How did you get the frame, matte or whatever? The option is there in wordpress but does not work. I wonder if I upgraded, if it would work?

    • Hi Yvonne, its a good observation. The frame is neither one thing nor the other – I’ll make it just a little more prominent next time. I simply added blank canvas around the image in PS and coloured it black. I have not tried to do it in WordPress.

  3. It does feel like the right/bottom are a pixel larger than the top and left, this makes it feel like a drop shadow instead of a border (a very dark drop shadow). I’m not sure about frames, I follow a few people who use them on every photo and they work. Usually they are a bit larger on the bottom than the top to give it a bit more weight. When I did my website, I decide against both drop shadows and frames. If you have control over the CSS/HTML this is trivial to play with. I never add them to the images themselves.

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