I wish to register a complaint

So wrote Mrs. McWong of Kota Kinabalu. She thought this was a blog about birds and on visiting the site today found it birdless. So here, at great inconvenience to my wife on our wedding anniversary, are a few shots of birds taken in the garden this afternoon. I now have to buy her dinner tonight at the most expensive restaurant in Hong Kong as a penance. (My wife that is, not Mrs. McWong). Its a good job I booked last week.

The photo that you don’t see, because it does not exist, is that of the Blue rock thrush that was briefly in the garden this afternoon. We were driving back from lunch and as we turned into our little corner of paradise the aforementioned BRT was sitting on the wall. Slim, tall, upright, blue….. it was dead bang to rights – guilty as charged. Of course it promptly flew off. I delivered the shopping to the kitchen and went more in hope than expectation to the window – the BRT was back. So I grabbed my camera and went out. Whereupon it flew on to the roof of a house nearby, thumbed its nose at me and flew off again. And that is how I came to spend several hours on my wedding anniversary photographing birds in the garden. I was hoping for the return of the BRT, a garden tick. It never showed. Maybe tomorrow. So as the star didn’t make it on stage, here is the cast of extras.

First the Chinese bulbul posing on a Poinsettia -” ‘ere – put the camera away” it cried.


A rather noisy Crested myna looking for some change to pay for its afternoon snack. I know its in here somewhere.


The Greater coucal trying to look innocent…….


And then, the Coucal has landed…….5 minutes later after sneaking round the back and trying to predate a smaller bird it is wondering what tactics to adopt next. It dropped out of the tree almost on top of a Black-faced laughingthrush but just missed a kill.  This was taken with my toy camera, the Canon SX50 HS. All others with the Canon 1D mk4 and an 800mm lens with a 1.4x TC.


And finally the CB returned to sit right in front of me on the bougainvillea. I hope that is spelt correctly. This is almost full frame. I could have hit it with the lens but that isn’t the way to encourage birds into the garden.


And there we have it, Mrs. McWong. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as my wife will enjoy the meal.

Must dash.


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