I wanted to attempt something completely different. Totally out of my comfort zone. And so this morning I played with a technique (if that is the right expression) called Camera In Motion. Simply moving the camera to generate patterns with light and colour. That at least is my interpretation.

Can you tell what they are yet?




I have to confess I ended up thinking ‘what’s the point’ but it was an experiment, nothing more. I also tried the same technique to convey a sense of speed on a static object – my Ferrari in fact.


Any self-respecting car buff will know instantly that this is not a real Ferrari but a model in a box. The closest I shall ever get to owning one. A present in fact from the divine Mrs. Ha., bless her. I did once contemplate buying a Maserati but never quite pulled the trigger. There was one important ingredient missing to complete the deal. Money.

Ah well…… the images above are: 1 & 3 – Christmas decorations and 2 is the spine of volumes 2-6 of The Moths of Thailand. But you knew that didn’t you. I promise I shall never try this again. Maybe.


11 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. I like these. No. 1 is the prettiest and no.3 is good. But the first pic is really nice. Beutuful colors. That one could be framed. Does your wife look at your pics and have you framed and put any on the walls of your home. Lots of photographers do.

    One of my MDs was really good and he had his photos hanging in the hallway past his waiting room. He told me that he took as many as 10,000 exposures on every trip to another country. All I could think of was “mercy” or “wow”. I’ll throw this in for good measure. Digital cameras makes photography cheap for a lot of people.

    • Hello Yvonne. I used to print and frame but we don’t have too much wall space now, all glass windows and walls so I rarely do so now. Most of my pictures and photos are in storage. My GP also hangs patients’ work in his waiting room and has asked for a penguin from my next trip. Digital is cheap per shot provided you ignore the cost of the camera and the frequent upgrades. Unless you are very disciplined!

      • Thanks for the reply, Andrew. It is too bad that you have no wall space for photos. Maybe a coffee table book with all of your best shots. You are blessed and fortunate to have the option to upgrade your equipment. I think you will have many fantastic shots of penguins for your GP to choose from. You and Mrs Ha will be leaving, I would think, fairly soon.

  2. Had me fooled with the car! I wouldn’t want a steady diet of the abstracts. But I did enjoy them today. Especially like 1 and 2. The book spines work very well. I knew they were books…but that was all. Thanks for all the colour today. Here it is very grey with lots of white hoarse frost. Pretty, but I needed a shot of colour.

  3. I think they are rather beautiful, especially the book spines. I was supposed to film Pete’s talk at the design conference yesterday but made such a pigs bum of it that I’m now in the dog house. I didn’t even manage to take any half decent photos – his last words to me before he went and stood on the podium were ‘Don’t f**k this up Lottie, it’s important!’ It might have helped if I’d had a bit more practice with the video camera beforehand, just saying…

  4. You are pretty funny Andrew. When you wrote that Lottie should see into Winalot I thought that it might be some kind of video camera that was made in England. so off I trotted to Sir Google and learned that it is a dog food. I just deleted several sentences for fear that her husband might not think my views on camera mistakes is funny.

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