Crested Serpent Eagle (in the garden).

A loud double wail this morning had me looking skywards. Twice I heard it and saw nothing. I was puzzled as it sounded close. Then I twigged, it was sitting in the tree in front of me!!! Doh!!!!!!!

Spilornis cheela

Spilornis cheela

I didn’t have time to get a tripod. I grabbed the 800mm lens and went onto the roof terrace and hand held the beast, resting the lens hood on the glass wall. The branches are a bit annoying but that’s what it was like. I was also shooting into the sun so I have boosted the contrast a little.

This is described in The Avifauna of Hong Kong as an uncommon resident. Well here it is quite common but not in the garden. Normally way over head. This is only the second perched sighting I have had here at home since we moved in three years ago.

It flew after about one minute. A magnificent start to the weekend.

13 thoughts on “Crested Serpent Eagle (in the garden).

  1. What a magnificent bird it is. How wonderful that you had the good fortune and time to get off a shot and at such an intimate angle. Sure, a typical BOAS would have been nice, but the eye is clear and probably a more typical perch I would guess. After all, what self-respecting Eagle wants to advertise his presence? 🙂 Sweet!

    • Thanks Steve. This was so lucky. I reacted to the call it was just so loud I knew it had to be close but it was well camouflaged. My second shot like this but although still into the light it was more overcast today and that helped. Twice in three years so roll on 2014/15.

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