And they’re off……. photographic gear for the Antarctic.

We have slept in our own bed for the last time in a month. Mr. Wong will collect us at the agreed time and assuming the Mayan alarm clock does not go off later today we shall be leaving Lulu and the girls to fend for themselves. I agonized for ages over what gear to take. In the end I decided to take the minimum. So here it is:

1 1D4 body

1 5D3 body

1 Lumix LX5 point and shoot (RAW capability)

1 400mm F5.6 lens

1 70-200 F4 lens

1 24-70 F2.8 lens

1 1.4x TC

1 polarizing filter (all lenses have UV)

lots of spare batteries, chargers etc

1 card reader

1 15: MacBook Pro

1 back up drive

Approx 300GB of cards

1 waterproof LowePro backpack

1 pair of 8.5 x 42 Swarovski binoculars.

1 iPad(2)

That’s the lot. I decided not to take the wide angle lens. I am leaving the third body (7D) behind. No long lenses. I traded weight for fast glass so only 1 F2.8 lens. And the really big decision no big tripod. I have put a very lightweight mini tripod in. All the people I spoke to said for wildlife they never used their tripods and I am not a serious landscape guy.

Will I regret not having something? Probably. But the idea is to enjoy the trip. This is not my living. We shall have very irregular internet access and none at all for 18 days.I shall report back in the fullness of time. 🙂

7 thoughts on “And they’re off……. photographic gear for the Antarctic.

  1. I hope you have a fantastic trip, Andrew. This will be a wonderful experience. A friend went on a holiday to Antarctica, spent just 2 nights on the ice, then wrote a book about the adventure! A large piece of ice took away everyone’s rucksacks containing their cameras etc into the sea, just as they’d stepped away from them. Prenez guarde! Especially with the specialist equipment you have. Also of alien bases! Bon voyage, I look forward to seeing some of your spectacular photographs.

  2. I’m glad you’re travelling light. Hate to think what heavy is like. Have a great trip and we look forward to the pics on your return.

  3. Bon voyage and give that Herbert Ponting a run for his money. Following in the footsteps of Shackleton and Scott , what an adventure.

  4. I believe you have the bases covered camea and lens- at least it sounds like you do. Wishing and praying again for you and Mrs a very safe and enjoyable trip and many excellent photographs. Will be looking forward to your first post. Happy Holidays.


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