Birds in Ushuaia

This is a quick taster of our trip as we set sail tomorrow. We have been staying in the Hotel Tolkeyen and all these images were shot in the grounds or on the beach in front of the hotel except the cormorant. That was photographed on the Beagle Channel trip.

Cinclodes sp.

Cinclodes sp.

I am not yet sufficiently familiar with this genus to be 100% sure of the species.

Ashy-headed goose

Ashy-headed goose

These geese are simply gorgeous against a blue sky – fairly common.

Blue-eyed cormorant

Blue-eyed cormorant

Positively abundant in the Beagle Channel but too many were flying away from us not parallel.


Chimango caracara

Chimango caracara

I spent over an hour with this bird waiting for it to fly……… I am unhappy that at 1/2000s the wings are still blurred but otherwise it is acceptable. Shot handheld with my 400mm F5.6 + 1.4x TC.  That is the longest lens I have with me.


10 thoughts on “Birds in Ushuaia

  1. Andrew, I am so happy to see a post from you and the wonderful photos. I agree with Rod. The geese are gorgeous. And the caracara is excellent with both wings out stretched. The 400mm is taking some great photos or rather YOU ARE taking some great photos with the 400mm.

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