Enter the Penguin

I am still trawling through my images but there are a few decent penguin shots to be going on with. We saw 7 species in all. Magellanic, Gentoo, King, Rockhopper, Macaroni, Chinstrap and Adelie.

The Macaroni were only seen at sea (at least as far as I am concerned). We had very few sightings of Adelie as the colony we planned to visit was inaccessible due to poor conditions. The Magellanic were present in the Beagle Channel and on Saunders Island. I don’t recall them being seen elsewhere. The Rockhoppers were common on Saunders Island. The Chinstraps were only seen after we reached the Antarctic Peninsula. The most abundant were the King and Gentoo penguins, the latter in particular seemingly the most flexible in their requirements for colonisation.

To kick off, here is the first and best Adelie we saw.


It is a delicate looking bird with a delightful pale blue orbital ring. Very smart indeed.

The King penguin is simply the most impressive of the ones we saw. Note we were not lucky enough to see Emperor penguins. Example 1!


Example 2:


The Rockhoppers looked like little thugs:

Number one doing what its name says it should – rock-hopping


Luxuriating in a bathing pool


Rockhopper hooligan flash mob


The Chinstraps are for me the stars. Smart, well dressed, elegant and quite the dandy. And they like sliding in the snow.


I’m going to stop here for a while and allow you to digest the glory that is the penguin. More Chinstraps, Magellanics and Gentoos anon. Give me time, dear friends.

13 thoughts on “Enter the Penguin

  1. Beautiful shots. From these shots, I think I’m a Rockhopper fan followed closely by the Chinstraps. Love these shots.

  2. Chinnies are just gorgeous – I loved their voice, they indeed know how to speak up and raise attention 😉
    And Rockhoppers – I’m just in love.

    Thanks for sharing and keep it going…. 🙂 Please…

  3. I’d not heard of the Rockhoppers before, they look wonderful. There is a bit if the angry birds about them. Love the photos of the Kings especially. It must have been a fascinating trip.

  4. These are all wonderful photos, Andrew. Sliding in the snow. I bet that was something to see. Enjoyed these very much. Your answer to John’s comment made me smile. I bet he has a life list a mile long.

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