Give us a kiss…….

He’s not looking!


And a selection of other penguin images as promised.

A Gentoo chick snoozing


Madge in her burrow


Madge & Jill


Magellanic penguins out for a walk


The icy stare of a Rockhopper


Now we’re a couple of swells (AKA The Chinstrap Song)


The hills are alive, with the sound of Gentoos………


Say “ah!”. I did consider cleaning up the breast feathers in Photoshop but decided against it. This is the Gentoo au naturel.

Have a good day.

15 thoughts on “Give us a kiss…….

  1. Beautiful pix Andrew. The only penguins I snapped were in NZ and miles away. Well, without a zoom 😀 Love them though. Best pix were my mate Andy’s (the one from SG and Ant) – until I saw yours!

    And which part of Wales are you from? (My partner is Welsh).

    • From Caerphilly originally. The broader family from Llanbradach.

      We met a lady called Sarah in SG. She does, inter alia, the rat eradication programme. We sponsored a hectare 😊. Beautiful place.

      • My partner’s family (father’s side) from Trethomas. Mothers’s side from Newport. Small world huh?

        Not keen on pesticides, tend to use rat traps for ours. Or let the dog kill them 😀

  2. If these are not the cutest that I’ve seen a while. All of them are so cotton picking cute. Your running captions really make these pics even better. I like the icy stare of the Rockhopper. Good work, Andrew.

    • Thanks Yvonne. Penguins are naturally comical and often cute but sadly most of my “best” penguin images also feature their guano and aren’t really fit for display. The saving grace is that you don’t have to suffer smelloblog – penguins look good but smell awful!

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