I used to be a were-penguin

but I’m all right no-owwww!


OK, I know that penguins are off, Steve is sated with them and at least one reader has morphed them into Caguins ( a must read). But never mind they make decent blogging material.

How about these two having a right old splish splash?


Of course not only penguins go splish splash – whales do it too!

Humpback-whale-1 HBW-Fluke-2 HBW-Fluke

Sadly the closest we got to a whale went unrecorded as it was only about 2m down and about 2m away – a humpback went under and around our zodiac. And I mean right underneath. One person was trying to take video with a Go-Pro camera attached to a gripper rod. The rest of us sat open-mouthed in amazement as the creature checked us out. Nobody had a lens wide enough as we were all shooting with longer zooms or primes. So be content with more distant shots. Apologies for the quality but zodiacs move to start with and when people are standing up and changing lenses etc its hard to get a stable image – my 400mm prime does not have IS or VR.

Next a couple of seal shots. I think they are both Crabeaters but I stand ready to be corrected.



And to round things off, a Restricted rated shot of a pair of Skuas and just to prove that we did see some, an iceberg (detail).



And that’s it for today. I had lunch with my old work chums and enjoyed it as always. I also saw an elusive thrush in the garden. This is my 3rd sighting of this bird without a photo. It is so skittish it flies in seconds. Today it was spooked when a nearby Blackbird coughed gently. It is not the Wimp Thrush however but Brown-headed, Turdus chrysolaus, Β of that ilk and it is decidedly unusual hereabouts so I want a record shot as proof. I also added Black-faced bunting, Emberiza spodocephala, to the garden list also without a photo. They are common though and I am sure a photographable one will linger sooner or later.

And so to bed……………… good night.

18 thoughts on “I used to be a were-penguin

  1. Well, the whale shots are nice, but maybe that’s just a fluke.

    The Splish-splash shot is delightful and the crabeater…well he is either having a good chuckle or suffering the effects of a somewhat less than gourmet crab but it is a fun shot. So, sated or not, some enjoyable images, Andrew. πŸ™‚

  2. The Splish-splash Gentoos are gorgeous! They look like an old couple when he returns late from the pub πŸ™‚
    The laughing seal is a fine shot, too.

    I will never get tired of penguins nor of HK birds – keep them coming please πŸ˜‰

  3. I am way behind on many things. Just getting around to commenting. Love the pics. These are so good. I like the 2nd pic of the penguins that look as if they are in some sort of argument. Nice work here.

    • Thanks Yvonne. You are very perceptive. The 2 penguins were having a right old set to over something. I have quite a sequence but few of the frames make good photographs. This is one instance where video is much better. I think Mrs. Ha has some – I’ll check but I have no idea how to edit or process video. Never tried it.

      • I observe kinda, sorta good most of the time. I still can not get over asking what kind of species the seal was when you had it in the title (leopard seal) honestly I was in a huge hurry and that can get one into a heap of trouble. I am trying to comment on my favorite bloggers blogs and I am far behind. I have been leaving the best for the last when I should be doing it the other way around.

        Back to the penquins. Andrew, I know that you can learn to edit a video that Mrs Ha’s shot. I have video on my camera and I have not learned how to use it. I am afraid I’ll mess up my camera. πŸ™‚ I’m not very brave in some departments nor too swift either (swift=smart). Really!

  4. Great selection of wildlife there Andrew, loved them all. The whale is spectacular. You can see why people like these photos though, not that many of us get to antarctica and south georgia so we can live viciously through your pix.

    As for videos, depends on your computer software. I use Hal (Mac), so there is an iMovie programme on there for faffing around with your own vids. You’ll need to upload to youtube unless you have premium WP and then embed on here, and I can’t remember if there is an editing feature on there, there may be.

    I’ve got a friend who posts quite a few videos to her blog, so happy to ask her if you are interested. The ones I’ve used, I’ve tended to put straight up because I was too idle to edit.
    Here’s a couple of iPhone vids, where I really took them for the music to give the feel of the traditional Spanish countryside pipes and drums.
    Depends what you are trying to achieve. Only other tip is to keep them shortish. I’ve seen (not watched all the way through!) people post ten minute vids of a dog walking on a lead around the block πŸ˜€

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