The Big Picture

Alas you have not landed at Barry Ritholtz‘s splendid blog (arguably the only blog more worth reading than mine) but my humble glissade into oblivion. We have not yet, I am glad to say, left Antarctica in our minds even if our bodies are now a full 2 weeks removed. There are plenty of images left in the cookie jar.

I did go out this morning to my local patch in the hope of finding something decent to shoot with my macro lens. I saw a few good birds – both male and female Grey-backed thrush, Red-throated flycatcher, Common kingfisher (a nice female), some Hair-crested drongos and a selection of the local lags. Nothing though worth posting. The bonus was meeting someone I had previously known only through online exchanges about photography. A genuine pleasure and enjoyable time to pass an unproductive morning.

And so to the images for today:

the first is rather subfusc and the white background doesn’t do it justice so I shall also post it to Flickr where you can see it in a Lightbox. I’m afraid I could not resist the lure of black & white.


The next one I called The Jaggies, which sounds like a 1980s Scottish rock band but probably isn’t.


And finally one that justifies The Big Picture title, in content if not in size. Sadly again the white background does it less justice than I hoped.


Those are some of our landing party approaching the ridge, a clear sign that Mrs. Ha and I were lagging whilst others led the charge. In fact we made it no further than the huts. Up close the hut on the right looks like this:


It is the Damoy Hut, a restored refuge that now functions as a museum. We were therefore at Dorian Bay, Wiencke Island at this time. I shall have to raid Mrs. Ha’s pantry of internal shots to show you what it looks like inside. Or perhaps my own….. I think some of these may just be past their sell-by date.


It does prove however that tins ain’t wot they used to be (groan). And I think I shall quit whilst I am (possibly) ahead. I’m off to Flickr to post some white-outs.

À bientôt!

13 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. The second photo is cold, bleak, and so beautiful. The hut, i don’t know about that. I’s afraid if anyone attempted to eat any of the things on the self it would probably make one quite sick or just plain kill a body. I like the black and white also. Dramatic scene in monochrome.

    • Thanks Yvonne. I don’t think we’d eat any of it from choice except maybe the Ovaltine. Were you an Oval-teeny? Shirley thinks the 2nd shot is unreal and doesn’t like so much but oddly she likes the top one and she’s not usually a girl for the B&W. Dramatic it is though.

  2. Nice contrasting set of photos there. Love the surreality of the second one. And probably the third one too. I’m shivering just looking at them. At least the hut looks comfy and cosy although I don’t see much I could be eating on those shelves.

    • The hut did look surprisingly cosy – shower, kitchen, bunk beds, books to read, table to work on…. but no, the food does not look appetising and I spotted not a single bottle of rioja! Surely every Antarctic refuge would have had a bar?

      • Our mate who worked there told us that they were rationed to two tinnies of preferred choice a day/night. In theory 😀 In practice ….. I probably shouldn’t say that in case someone is looking up Antarctica and lands on your blog, but as I’ve not mentioned where he was or anything personal, I doubt it will matter.

  3. Are the Jaggies Point Wild, THE historical place? That was the only landing point we could not go ashore because of the swell 😦

    The B&W works well, there is almost a sort of antique feel to it. Like it a lot, the feeling of an old print – well done!

    • Sandra, I’ll have to check exactly where they are but I don’t think so. You know I am not really a landscape chap but I do my best 🙂

      Many thanks.

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