If I ever get above myself and think I’m beginning to get somewhere photographically it doesn’t take long for me to realise how wrong I am. Mrs. Ha and I were going through a slide show of her Antarctica photos tonight. She only shot in jpeg mode. This meant that she (or rather I) could download the lot on to an iPad when we returned and see a slideshow within an hour. I on the other hand am still ‘sorting’ 2 weeks after our return. She has also nipped over to FotoMax and printed a load off the flash card whilst I haven’t even thought about printing yet. And here’s the real rub. Looking at the slide show (again) I realised that her Superzoom has produced shots I can only envy. My limited repertoire of lenses and heavy DSLR bodies meant I missed shots Mrs. Ha could nail in a trice with her camera. And the quality is pretty darned good too.

That led me to look again in desperation at my files to see what I hadn’t touched yet. There must be something ok in there somewhere. Aha! I don’t think I have put up any seal shots yet. So here then is a small selection of shots to make you go “aaaahhhhh!” – I hope.

These white seals are, if I recall correctly, called blondes or leucistic. They are not albino as they don’t have pink eyes.


I dread to think what the gunge is……….


I only have eyes for you-ooo


Curious pup


Haven’t you seen a seal having a bad hair day before?


This selection was from just one beach so I’m afraid there may be more to come. And then of course I shall have to start on Mrs. Ha’s images. You have been warned.

17 thoughts on “Seals

  1. I have been waiting for this blog and for some of the SX50 photos.

    Your shots are great but the little “toy” shots must be outstanding


  2. Here’s is another “aaaahhhhh” to add to what I am sure will be a fine collection of such comments. Seals and penguins and how can one go wrong? Knowing your humility I am sure you will post a shot or two from Shirley’s collection, but I think you are too hard on yourself. These all have personality and nice detail.

    I believe that dogs and seals have a relationship somewhere in history (here is a link…I cannot quite parse the science but I do see seals and dogs in the tree) and the last bad hair image reminds me so much of a look I get from Murphy when he feels bothered by my attention. 🙂

  3. Seals, penguins, what more can your adoring public ask for. Oh dolphins actually and elephants. Also on my list of favourites.

    Interesting your trip there again mirrors my NZ trip where I got a pic of what looked like hundreds of seals. Nowhere near as good as yours but I just loved them. Will see if I can find it.

    Off topic, but are your block charges expensive?

    Back to seals, I have some seal stories from the north east (UK) They really are beautiful animals. Nasty when they get annoyed, so I hear though.

    • Now you have not been paying attention, Rough Seas, have you? I gave my adoring reader Bornean Pygmy Elephants quite recently. Here is one of them:

      I have to admit to the dolphin deficiency though.

      I think we pay about a grand or so a month in management fees (in GBP) but to be honest Mrs. Ha is in charge of things like that. That is quite reasonable by HK standards.

      Please share the seal stories. I can also get nasty when annoyed. Perhaps I would make a good seal.

      • Truth is, I haven’t back read, but I may get round to it one day 🙂 Especially if you don’t post so frequently 😀

        Ouch to a grand. Ours is small hundreds a year. Same in Spain. Actually we don’t have management fees in Spain only rates/community charge.

        Seals will have to wait.

      • Frequency will abate soon. I have to work and recharge. Not necessarily in that order. I wish our management fees were so low but that’s HK for you.

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