Shirley’s blog. Stardate: 09-13012013. Mission: to photograph using only the SX50 HS

As I said yesterday, Mrs. Ha produced some amazing shots with the super zoom. I have taken the liberty of showcasing some of her images here. I have done a little post processing but not a great deal – just cropping to ensure alignment and sharpening for web. A little vibrance added on one or two. These were jpegs though and so do not lend themselves to extensive manipulation.

This is just a small sample from a couple of days.





This next one drives me nuts. I could not get even remotely close to these Antarctic Terns with my 400mm. Get the birds, I shouted. And she did. By golly she did 🙂



This is a fascinating perspective shot. I have a couple similar but Mrs. Ha was angled better than I and had the chinny against a clean background where as in mine the chinny is directly against the zodiac team.


And then finally…. yawn

Yes, Shirley unilaterally decided to shoot video. Now why didn’t I think of that……

15 thoughts on “Shirley’s blog. Stardate: 09-13012013. Mission: to photograph using only the SX50 HS

  1. Serious point, isn’t it great to have two eyes, well four or more really, and two cameras? he always takes better vids than I do, our photos are mixed. Love that selection of shots.

  2. Rocking shots. I especially like the seal laying on it’s side. Good job, you have some competition in the house…

  3. I’m really impressed with the quality of these images! I have a few images that I make with my little G12, but these seem to be much nicer (at this resolution at least).

    I must say, they’re quite nice, and I really like the image of the terns.

  4. Clear evidence that you dont need fancy equipment to create amazing images. The third to last is an award winner. All you need is a decent camera, a decent eye, and a way of being in the right place at the right time:) Bravo Shirley!

  5. Ha, Ha Ha, we have all heard this saying before “but Mrs. Ha was angled better than I and had the chinny against a clean background”.

    Great shots Mrs Ha, now if you had used the main feature of the SX50 and shot in RAW, but I can only assume that Andrew “forgot” to show you that setting.


    • No Bob, I wanted to do both – shoot RAW and jpeg simultaneously but the lady protested too much. I still think they are brilliant (and I can say bye-bye to getting my camera back).

  6. Andrew, you had better be careful. I think Shirley or Mrs Ha (don’t know which one she prefers to be called) might be right on your heels in the photogtaphy department. The birds look like some kind of tern. Hope that I am not too far off on that. These photos are quite good. That camera comes through when nothing else does.

    • Yvonne they are indeed terns. Antarctic. Shirley has had a very good response to her pictures which she deserves. Thank you for visiting so faithfully. Have a lovely Sunday.

      • Thanks Andrew. I am glad that she has received well deserved comments for her photography. Maybe she wil begin to go out with you when you photograph at some of yoiur favorite spots. Them y’all can be known as a team. Hypenated sp? names and the whole shebang. 🙂

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