Spouse Wars

As the work of Mrs. Ha has been rightly applauded I thought I would showcase some his’n’hers shots today.

Firstly, the same shot as taken by Mrs. Ha and as processed by yours truly. Mine is the upper image as if you needed to know. The black & white is a bit of a give away.



But then an image by me and a different one by her.



Here I think you see the advantage of the super zoom. I could not risk going closer than I did with my 400mm lens. Mrs. Ha on the other hand had a full 1200mm at her disposal. In this case she used about half of its capability. My image needed to be cropped slightly. The lower image is full frame.

But to make sure that I don’t leave empty-handed in this battle, here is another shot by me.


This is Great Shearwater. And I can almost guarantee you that the super zoom would struggle to get anything close to this sort of shot. So there is no distaff image to compare. A fast moving bird against the sea from a moving ship. I’m not saying it is impossible but I just think the super zoom is not designed for this sort of job. Mrs. Ha does have a very nice BIF shot (bird in flight) but I’m saving that for another day.

In the meantime, I’m off out to buy another SX 50 as I seem to have lost mine. And if this seems a tad rushed today, abject apologies but I have actually had to work all day. And jolly tiring it was too. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

Toodle pip!

6 thoughts on “Spouse Wars

  1. All these pics are vey good. I’ no camera expert so can not do any comparison except for the seals where the SX50 could spom any closer at at greater distance.

    I am sorry that you first day back at work was bad. Don’t let the stress kill you and i mean the literally.

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