The New Year cometh

Well almost. The lunar new year starts on February 10th I believe and as is our tradition Mrs. Ha and I hot-footed it over to the lunar new year fair to have a look at the flowers, food, trashy goods and political stalls. It is normally easy to spot the coming year’s “zodiac” sign.  Not so this year though.  I, by the way, am a Rooster and its not my year.

We normally arrive early to avoid the crush but we were a little later on Wednesday. We exited Tin Hau MTR station and followed the crowds. We ended up not in Tesco but in Victoria Park, already busy with school kids, politicians and hawkers trying to sell off flowers that unfortunately had already peaked. Indeed we put up our over-sized blossom ‘tree’ a few days ago and the unseasonably warm weather means it is almost over before the festival has begun.  Not so much ‘in the pink’ but close to that well known hairdressing chain “Curl up and Dye”.  The consolation is that the dog loves eating the fallen flowers and Lulu does her famous hoover impression each evening. Penguin poo is orange because of the krill. Lulu’s, I fear, will be pink this week.

But back to the important stuff. Whose year is it anyway? My first thought was it must be the year of the Penguin (hooray!!)


But maybe not. Could it be the year of the giraffe?


Not convinced. But there are plenty of flowers around so we were definitely in the right place. The year of the orchid perhaps?


Or could it be the year of the lion?


Or have we got it completely wrong and its only a Valentine’s Day market this year?


Surely not. My heads in a whirl.


Maybe I should ask Che?


And so it was that I slowly worked out that it is in fact


The year of the Snake. So please let’s all celebrate Hissing Sid and give him a huge smile.


And for you my followers there is only one message this festive season, to combine Sid and Val……….


Until next time………

9 thoughts on “The New Year cometh

  1. What a fine walkabout for you and Shirley, Andrew. So much enjoyable color and quite festive. Much more entertaining than a walk around my home town for sure.
    And excellent detective work as you worked through the zodiac to the proper sign.
    Signed…a rat. 🙂

    • Steve, I can not believe you are a rat. I have seen absolutely no evidence at all that you have rodent tendencies. I think you must be mistaken and you are in fact a Water Vole. We have been to the Sai Kung market this afternoon and there were even fewer snakes there. Personally I think we should have the year of the Leopard Seal. Now that would be fun.

      • Right! I think there should be a revolving calendar that features various of our favorite members of the animal kingdom. The leopard seal and emperor/chinstrap penguins are our first candidates. 🙂

  2. The pic are entertaining to say the least. I can only imagine the rush of people milling around but all of the “stuff”made for some interesting pics. I’m afraid the penquin did not live up to its likeness but I reckon you could say it was close? 🙂 Chinese New Year. Every country should have a new year. I was hoping that USA was off to a new start after the new year but it is not to be. We are still mired in the same ole muck. Maybe our politicians should go visit some of the chinese new year stalls- might give them a new perspective on life er I mean on ideas about how to better manage our internal affairs. 🙂

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