Well I’m a bit miffed at all the comments Lulu received. I thought it would be a bit of a damp squib but no, it seems she struck a chord. Leica Laika – groan.

Despite her rather cutting critiques I did venture out with a camera again today. I can’t post any images because I was using the camera Lulu wanted, the M3. I didn’t finish the roll of film so I have no idea whether the exposures are good or not. I used a Gossen Digisix to meter with. It was bright overcast day and with ISO125 film I shot mostly at F8 and 1/125s. I only had my 50mm Noctilux lens. What I was grappling with was the gap between incident and reflected light readings, with the incident metering telling me there was a lot more light than I thought. So in the fullness of time I may get a lot of wildly over-exposed negs back.

The M3 is capable of some nice results. This is an old shot.

Rest Time

And from the younger generation:


Central HK on B&W film ……


And some recreation


But I still came home feeling vaguely irritated. On the way into the town I heard a loud cracking noise. And being a birder I felt instinctively it was made by a bird. And lo and behold there were 6 or 8 Chinese Grosbeaks sitting in the tree beside the road, feeding away. And all I had was a 50+ years old film camera and a 50mm lens. About as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. This is not a particularly rare bird but it is certainly a new ‘tick’ for me in Sai Kung and a rather good bird anyway. Not dissimilar to a Hawfinch. A scarce visitor is, I think, the expression. And there was nothing I could do but watch as the small flock worked its way further away from me. Still, CGs do tend to hang around and I might get another chance.

And that’s it for today. A busy evening ahead and lots of jollity tomorrow. And some friends of ours have already started their year of the snake by finding a couple of Burmese Pythons in their garden. Some people get all the luck. But I doubt very much whether Lulu would get to blog again if the pythons turned up here. So if she pours scorn on my work a second time, I shall adopt a python. So there.

4 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Gee, Andrew it must be quite a chore to decide which camera you are going to use for the day.:-) The best pic and the sharpest seems to be of the 3 teeny boppers gossiping away as you snapped their pic. Just want to know. Do you get photo releases or are they needed since this is not a commercial blog? I have read they are not needed if the pics are not used for commerical purposes.

    II have some pics that I want to post of this country guy in a smalll town that sits in front of an old dusty antique store. A dog that is not his sits on a chair by his side as they watch the vehicles go by. I can get the photo release to him via postmaster of that the little stop in the road but just have not done it. Call it lazziness on my part.

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