African flashback

As I speak the family is descending upon us like the wolf on the fold.

As time is limited permit me if you will the luxury of some old photos…. out of Africa.

The biggest killers in Africa are not lions or leopards but buffalo, hotly pursued by the hippo. I like buffalo. They are short-sighted and bad-tempered. Excellent characteristics! Note the Oxpeckers on the muzzle.


A lioness walking into a mini-sandstorm, squinting as she leads her cubs away.


A much smaller predator: the Rosy-patched Bush-shrike.

Rosy-patched bush-shrike

An eland in its natural environment.


And to wrap up this quickie, Mrs and Mr. Giant Kingfisher, in that order.

Giant kingfisher F

Giant kingfisher M

These were taken in Kenya in 2009 and I am contemplating Tanzania next. A return to the Ngorogoro Crater.

Have a most pleasant Sunday, wherever you may be.


10 thoughts on “African flashback

  1. Holy Rosy-Patch Bush Shrike! These are wonderful Andrew! How funny you should mention going back to Ngorogoro, Pete and I were talking about going back there a couple of days ago Spooky!
    Have a good time with your family and I hope your travel plans come to fruition.

    • Best views of Leonard I’ve ever had in Ngorogoro. We were looking for black rhino and almost drove a lep sitting on the path in front of us. I hadn’t even got my camera out we were so close to the lodge. He ambled off before I could hear up. You’d love it.

      • Fantastic- leopards are so beautiful and graceful though as you know the most difficult of the cats to see. I was pretty thrilled with the pics I took in Kenya a couple of years ago. The leopard, like the one you saw, was so close that I managed to get a fabulous shot, even the whiskers! It’s on my post ‘ last night I dreamt of Africa’ . Please show some more of your African adventures, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see them 🙂

  2. Love the kingfishers and his mate, I think I recall you calling or naming them Mr or Mrs? Well anyway, more power to all of you that love Africa.The bird that has the splashed red going down its bib and breast looked as if it had impaled itself on one of the the thorns and somehow manged to get free. That bird was so aptly photographed in the thorn bush or the tree- which ever- I thought now that is one good photo. Don’t know if you thought if it that way. The bird does look as if it bled-a lot. Fascinating place of all the various species of flora and fauna. Too bad you didn’t get the possible shot of a lifetime with the leopard. Hope that you can when you and Mrs Ha go back. soon? Enjoyed these photos a lot.

  3. Nice quick travelogue, Andrew. I had no idea the buffalo was that fierce, but I let out a little shrike shriek at number three…what a beast. That is a nice shot in the thornbush. Definitely requires some landing finesse.

  4. I love the first King Fisher photo. (I love king fishers in general, they are very rare here). That’s a really cool shot.

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