17 thoughts on “Another fine mess you got me into….

  1. I have finally gotten around to reblogging this photo and then it occurred to me that just maybe, months back, I might have already reblogged this one. Such is the old weary mind of an old woman. Anyhow the deed is done.

  2. Reblogged this on Pets, People and, Life and commented:
    I really like this photo which was taken by one of my most favorite bloggers, Andrew Hardacre. Andrew is an exceptional photographer and world traveler who finds amazing subjects. This photo is one for the books.”

  3. Yes, I believe this is the photo. But I was thinking that there was also another one. I have just now been able to get back to where the notices open up. I could not view if anyone had replied to me. Thank you so much for posting this one. I had tried to go all the way back but there were so many posts that I just gave up.

    May I reblog this one? I know that I had asked before and never did reblog after you had given me permission.

  4. Oh my goodness.That picture is priceless. It is perfect. The cat really does look as if he/she is scolding the dog for causing their leashes to tangle. The longer I look the funnier it becomes. Have you seen the cat from Japan named Mauru on You Tube? It is a Scotish Fold who is now 5 years old. That cat is so cute and so full of himself. The owners splice the best of all the videos of the year for his birthday. (I think that was the case last week when I looked. I bet you could get some really cute videos of Lulu. She would probably have lots of “hits/views”.

    Thanks Andrew for posting that pic. Are you going to put it n Flickr? If you do I’ll make it a favorite. It is just too good not be viewed often. I’ve assemlbed on my favorite list, I think, some excellent photos and yours included of course. I saw that we have at least one contact in common. Look for A. J. Scapes and if you don’t find him go to my favorites and look for his name. He does some gorgeous scenes of places in Great Britian. I think he is as good as Saffron Blaze if not better.

  5. Who caught who? Not sure the dog is in control of this situation. To join in the fed-up with the LOL stuff. I get tired of so many smily faces showing up. Its ok in texts and little messages but when they show up in serious articles or even Bishops’ letters to the diocese I get really irritated. If it’s supposed to be funny, write it well and assume I have the intelligence to know a humorous aside when I see one 🙂 I may start replying and leaving a PMP or an occasional CMP and let them wonder…LOL
    My first time it was Schubert’s 8th and I was eleven…same result.
    Speaking of grooves and age – does anyone remember which Monty Python record had the three tracks? One side of the LP would play two different sets of sketches depending on where the needle hit the record. There were two spiral tracks, one inside the other. I thought I was going crazy for a while when I couldn’t find the first track I had listened to. Very clever and funny and mind messing. But I leant the album to someone 30 years ago, can’t remember who, and can’t remember the name of the album…LMB

    • Rod, it was The Matching Tie and Handkerchief album. I know what you mean about smilies 😦

      I struggle to think of a Bishop using them in a Pastoral Letter. And now for something completely different, Pope Benedict’s entire resignation speech in smilies…..

      Another piece that gets to me is Mahler’s 5th. Ever since I watched Death in Venice. Thomas Mann, Gustav Mahler and Dirk Bogarde, all in one. If Schubert then the impromptus…… wonderfully soothing in traffic jams.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Actually, just before I go and make Irishman’s dinner and whilst we are on this subject…I have a true story. I was sitting on a tube with my Step-daughter Izzy in London having a chat as one does and I said to her ‘ I’m really bored with this LOL thing that everyone does why can’t we do something a bit different?’ and she said ‘Like what?’ and I said ‘Well, why can’t we have PMP or CMP?’ and she said ‘What’s that?’ and I said ‘Well PMP is piss my pants which is quite funny or CMP is crap my pants which means it’s really really really funny’

      We got off the tube and a woman came up to me ‘Excuse me she said, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation – I’d like to say that from now on I shall take your lead and no longer use LOL but PMP or CMP, thanks!’ and on that she walked off up the escalator never to be seen again….

    • It is a glorious piece, Lottie. I first heard it when I was 8. I was given a 33rpm LP of the choir of Kings College. I probably played it until the groove wore out.

      • I think 7/8 must be seminal ages then for hearing music and never losing the love for it.

        Some peeps reading this won’t have a clue what ‘playing it till the groove wore out’ means… they probably think it’s something from a rap song LOL! Speaking of which, my Dad always insists on writing that at the end of his emails to me…should I tell him or just let him believe that it really is short hand for lots of love? whatever!

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