9 thoughts on “Kelp Gull – the expurgated version.

  1. You’ve had 2 likes of me today and now 3 comments – in lieu of that, please can I borrow Lulu for a guest post? I’m feeling constipated – creatively speaking of course (that kelp diet takes care of more than just zinc deficiency you know) I need her wit, sarcasm and straight-talking – thanks in advance, Lottie

  2. Nice crop. Very good crop actually. I see you have got rid of the wave/rock/dolphin whale as well.

    For me, it brings KG into the (bird)limelight. The distraction has totally gone.

    The question is, which do you prefer?

    I had to look up Akkerman 😦

    • After the jovial banter I would have to say that both have merits. The rock/wave/dophin was another gull so it disappeared in the same way that Russian politicians may have done once upon a time. It became an ex-gull. I used the patch tool in CS6. Took all of 10 seconds.

      Why did I like number 1? it has a much better sense of space for me. The gull was part of the picture but didn’t dominate it. Number 2 works because the gull is more dominant. However the absence of the ‘distracting’ foreground and the deep blue sky have removed the feeling of expanse in my mind. Number 2 is more documentary. It reminds me of the gull not the moment.

      I think I should self-report to Pseuds Corner in The Eye. But you did ask.

      Akkerman I remember because Focus were due to play at a Uni Ball and I seem to recall he didn’t make it because he was (allegedly) busted at Heathrow on a drugs charge.

  3. I prefer the version in between 1 and 2. I did not mind the foreground nor the KG #2 in version the first, but I find the oof berg (?) in the far background disturbing. All that said, on its own I like this cropped image very much.

  4. Well, those before me have spoken.The 2nd pic is a better one. Less distraction and more focus on the kelp gull.I looked closer and the gull seems to be eating something. I am thinking that it already had the food and brought it to the spot where you shot, i mean captured its moment of fame. NIce photo Andrew. I did not see it on Flickr-yet.

    • Thank you Yvonne. I am in danger of being outvoted here. The original image is on Flickr, currently the 6th image from the top. I have not posted the cropped version.

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