Mondays bug me

And here to prove it is that bug:


Eye to eye with a Lychee stink-bug, Tessaratoma papillosa



7 thoughts on “Mondays bug me

  1. I had to look him/her up. Honestly, it was hard work to key in the words and do a search. You should be aware of your non-entomological readers and provide links for them so that they can lazily click.

    Poor dears. I feel quite sorry for them after reading about how they are produced for food.

    S/he seems to have made short work of that leaf? Did s/he go on to eat another leaf? Or don’t I want to know the answer?

    • Good Morning, RSITM. Any relation to ISIRTA?

      I’ve added another shot of the bug-ger so you can see just what a munchkin it is. Most of the trees in our area sustain pest damage to some degree. The longhorn beetles attack citrus fruits with some vigour and lepidoptera larvae do extensive damage. Some of the groppers are pests too. I’m sure this LSB will go on to chomp on many more leaves.

      I wasn’t feeling too chipper today so opted for the short-form post. I am long overdue with a post on a particular gropper that I have been following through its life stages but that is a somewhat serious piece of work and has therefore gone to the bottom of the virtual pile. This is the chappy:

      Gesonula punctifrons

      Ho hum, must press on with my prep. I am being grilled by McKinsey tomorrow so I must learn my stuff. TTFN.

  2. Good afternoon Young Andrew. No, although I did listen to it and enjoy it.

    Nice second shot, the different angle and focus (here we go again) adds a different perspective. Like it. At least s/he is vegetarian which gets a thumbs up from me.

    I’ve got a locust shot kicking around somewhere on the blog, took me a while to work out what it was. Didn’t decimate any plants though, oddly. Flew out of one of the nispero trees when we chopped them down.

    That’s a pretty hopper. It’s almost six months old (the photo not the hopper although could be similar I guess). Don’t you do contemporaneous posts? Apart from GQT?

    McKinsey huh? Good money there. I see they do health care. Wonder if they want a health care manager to talk the boring speak? No, I really can’t find it in me to talk. Although I would probably not refuse a bit of writing. Good luck with your homework. Expect you to get at least 9/10.

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