Shop ’til you drop

We had to go to the big city today. Hong Kong itself. Dreadful place. Full of people. Highly polluted. The place not the people. Although it could be both. We knew we were in for a longish session on The Island so we decided to park in the cheaper of the two big car parks, 2IFC.

Sadly for me and happily for Mrs. Ha the car park is below one of the largest and most expensive shopping malls in HK. I timed it very badly as we had an hour to kill before our respective lunches. I was lunching with 5 pals in the Members Bar of the HK Club and Mrs. Ha was turning Japanese in Kiku with one of her girlfriends. Ladies who lunch indeed.  Sad to relate Mrs. Ha can do a lot of damage in an hour. Just window shopping was the promise. We emerged from the lift and she exclaimed: Oooh look! Moncler have opened up here. And with that in we went. We didn’t get past the first rack before she had found something she liked. Liked enough to buy in fact. With my credit card. This was not going to be a good day.

I decided the best plan was retreat so I hastily offered to put the purchased article in the car. And then go straight to lunch. Do not pass Go or any other shop. I confess, I legged it. With my credit card. Thus ensuring that any further damage would be for Mrs. Ha’s account rather than mine.

I don’t recall what Mrs. Ha had in Kiku but I had a rather splendid plateful from the curry buffet and washed it down with 2 gunners and a coffee. A gunner, if you don’t know  consists of equal parts of ginger beer and ginger ale with a dash of Angostura bitters and sometimes a measure of lime cordial or lemon juice. I am of course teetotal through my doctor’s choice rather than my own. And so fortified I met up with Mrs. Ha again but a cunning plan had hatched in my mind over the curry.

Oh look, I remarked innocently. We are close to Stanley Street. I might drop in and see Eric. Now Eric always welcomes me with open arms as a visit from me usually means cash in the till. And so it was that quite by chance I took a fancy to a 85mm F1.2 Canon lens on the shelf behind him. And the devil in me made me buy it. Twice the cost of Mrs. Ha’s  jacket. The only downside is that she will now want to play for a draw. Where shopping is concerned extra time is always the likely outcome.

On Saturday night there will be more important things afoot than mere money as the Mighty Welsh take on Little Italy in Rome. Rugby in case you didn’t know. The problem is that the Mighty Welsh have not started too well this season whereas Little Italy are doing better than expected. Could an upset be on the cards? It will be a very late kick off here because of the time zones but I have no doubt I will settle down to watch the game, whilst Mrs. Ha will probably go to bed dreaming of how to make up the shopping deficit. Little does she know that I still want the 600mm F4. Please don’t let on, will you?


11 thoughts on “Shop ’til you drop

  1. Pardon my simian grunts but oooohhg oooohhg…an 85 1.2. I would gladly trade a shopping trip for that purchase. (Actually in our household I am the spendee) A very outstanding portrait tool. Paging Ms. Lulu for a glamour shot! I am anticipating many street candids. 🙂

    • Yes Steve, I have seen 2 photo-buddies using the lens for portraits and it does indeed produce gorgeous results wide open. Not quite the noctilux but close.

      I may also have to indulge in the RRS macro focus rail shortly. There are just so many sweets in the shop. And luckily 2012 is over so my ‘no new gear’ resolution has finished.

      • A focusing rail will be an excellent addition to the kit and, although I have a Kirk model so am not familiar with the RRS price tag, I am sure it is still not as dear as the 85. :-). While you are on your teetotal drunken spending spree an MP-E65 would sit quite prettily atop that rail. Spending the funds of another is almost as much fun as actually purchasing for one’s self. 🙂

  2. eeek! I am running away from the computer at the very thought of shopping. What on earth is Moncler? I do understand (surprisingly) what a Canon is. We have a lot of them in Gibraltar. Aimed at Spain, the Bay of Algeciras and well, just everywhere really.

    Are you sure your doctor knows what s/he is talking about? A little alcohol is very good for the system. Well it worked for Winston Churchill and Alan Clark.

    I won’t mention the rugby or he will have me trying to find a free source on the internet and I have better things to do. But still, best wishes for the boys from the valleys.

    • Moncler, ma’am, is a manufacturer / brand of ladies fashion garments. Snazzy down jackets was their launching pad. Lots of Canto-pop “stars” wore them and they took off with the fashion cognoscenti of HK. As there is little call for down jackets in the tropics I found it rather bizarre but there we are. They now do T shirts and shorts and other stuff. Their selling point is that they are hideously expensive. Mrs. Ha does look very fetching in hers. In fact I told her next time she could fetch it herself.

      Canon or cannon? Or both?

      Rough Seas, I think you and I are on a similar wavelength on the matter of shopping if not rugby. Give the man a heads up and let him watch the game.

      • We still have a load of down and hollofill vests/jackets. In fact, they are occasionally worn, more the vests on chilly days. And a Canto-pop star? Sounds like a strange sweet thing like a popsicle. I doubt hideously expensive would be a selling point to me.

        Cañon or Canon I think actually, which covers two languages. Ooops wrong way round, but you get the idea.

        If he wants to watch the rugby he can search for a free streaming thing. I was rather hoping you might have had one to hand. Tant pis I guess.

      • no internet streaming required. I subscribe to the ruby channel on broadband TV specifically to watch the annual rituals of the Six Nations. Of course we also get all the Southern Hemisphere games too so its not all bad.

        Do look up Canto-pop. Your suspicion is not far adrift. A caterwauling popsicle it is. Male or female or occasionally androgynous. None of them would make the Treorchy Male Voice Choir let alone the Pontypool Front Row.

  3. why Andrew! Mrs Ha deserves to shop and be in fashion. You are more that blessed my friend with a lovely wife and the moola to buy any dang camera thingly. We should all be so “unfortunate.”

    I am still searching for answers for Lulu’s hair loss. I will mail you my findings which are not much. You and Shirley probably may/or may not have found the answers already or your vet told you some options medically speaking which I personally would not give to my dog.

    My ideas are a bit different. You can erase the dog thing here if you like or leave up. It will not hurt my feelings.

    I am way behind trying to catch up with reading “my subscribers’s posts. Have not even hooked onto my own comments. I did a post just for “The Forester’s” wife Mary Livingston. Had much difficulty to get WP work with me.

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