Interlude and media test

Now if I have done this correctly you should be able to click on the image below to get a bigger image (thank you RSITM). Unless of course this is already shown full size, which I doubt.


Off to work today, hey ho, hey ho.  Who knows when I shall blog again. Nine hours of joy in the air with Cathay Pathetic.

As an aside, I have discovered that WP is “unfollowing” me from several blogs, even if I resubscribe. I have no idea why. And nothing at all is viewable in the reader on either my iPhone or iPad but the Macbook is ok. On my mobile devices it simply says Nothing to read? So if I am neglecting you it may not be with ill intent.

Not I must run because we are in the midst of packing. I have a policy of no checked luggage. Remember the old BA advert? Breakfast in London, Lunch in New York? The not very tongue in cheek add-on was Luggage in Tokyo! So if a trip lasts less than a week I never check my bag in. Mrs. Ha is the official shirt folder and I am the official sock stuffer. I seek out air pockets in the bag that can be filled with socks to save space. It’s a very demanding role and far trickier than mere shirt folding. I sadly am also responsible for responding ‘no’ with confidence to the question “have you forgotten anything?”. Naturally I have to respond ‘no’ because if I said ‘yes’ I would not have forgotten it. I did forget my laptop once and busy executives can’t be without a laptop. How else would we play Tetris? Of course now we have iPads, so strictly speaking laptops are yesterday’s child. However I need to be reconnected to my old company e-mail address etc. so I think they want my laptop to bugger up work on.

So there we are, as my good friend Mr. Gingold wrote in his most excellent post today. Another day, another dollar. And please do test the image. I am so excited about this new discovery I can hardly contain my indifference. Toodle pip.

11 thoughts on “Interlude and media test

  1. Yes it worked.
    On flying : We used Monarch recently and when we got back I found a video of our actual landing at Funchal on you tube . I am not sure who is the ‘saddest’ me for looking for it or the photographer who filmed it. Have a good trip.

  2. Forget the last piece of advice I gave on the previous post. You have beaten me to it. Time differences eh, that and Reader never informing me in a timely fashion of new posts (assuming it informs me at all of course, although it allows me to follow Phil :D)

    We tend to roll all our clothes up when travelling, but we don’t usually go to business meetings so hardly need crisp pristine ironed shirts. Somewhere there is an empty suitcase orbiting the earth with a pair of boxers and a pair of socks. It was obviously suspicious because it was furtively separated from my partner on a trip back to the UK. The airline (Monarch) denied all responsibility but at least gave me a derisory £100. I think it’s my partner who is the problem as it is by no means the only time he has had luggage problems, and was regularly (when he had longer hair) stopped because of his amazing resemblance to a wanted French terrorist. I blame those Celtic/Galiic Welsh cheekbones.

    • A colleague of mine was refused entry to Iran once (pre-sanctions) and sent packing to Dubai. Turned out 10 years earlier they had jailed a British “spy” with the same name. They thought it was the same chap having another go. Shame really as he was there to see the Central Bank governor. According to a US businessman all French workers are bone idle but not necessarily terrorists. The French seem rather put out by this assertion. They have been shrugging their shoulders aggressively and waving baguettes. Or was that the rugby team at Twickenham yesterday. I stayed up to watch the boyos win. Hurrah! Scots next.

      • Well done the boyos. I shall pass on that gem to Him when he gets in from the last of the day dogwalk. I have been banned for going for some time as apparently I am a distraction. Which is not good when needing to keep eye on dog, and looking out for aggressive seagulls, monkeys and cats hiding under cars.

        We knew a guy in Gib here who had a problem at one point as he had the same name as a local drug smuggler (there are a lot of those). We were never quite sure though, if he actually was the said drug smuggler. You meet some people in life and it’s not a light bulb that goes on telling you to beware, it’s a floodlight (worthy of Cardiff Arms Park or whatever you said it was called these days). Perfectly good company, we’ve had drinks together, just not someone you would not take anything through customs for.

  3. Don’t forget to take out some socks and pack the Canon PowerShot SX50, that is unless you are going to hang it around your neck

  4. Oh- wow. Now that is real beauty. I no speak the ling with all of the brevs. But is this your photo or another person’s pic. Magnificient colors. Vunderful, vunderful!!! That is German speak.

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