The Long Goodbye

Couldn’t resist – from the garden:












14 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

  1. In the first image the colours are amazing but it is the shallow depth of field that really gives it the kick, The other images are also good but the first one blew me away.

    • The shallow DoF is genuine. I used Gaussian blur to ‘remove’ a bud just below the open bloom. It was a dark green and intruded somewhat. I tried to patch it out but not with acceptable results. But at minimum focus distance the F1.2’s DoF is very shallow indeed with beautifully smooth results. This was handheld. The other images off a tripod with Live View.

  2. Is that some sort of cicada on it? Anyway where’s the gloriously blooming jasmine? That’s what I want to see! Did I tell you about the headline our editor wrote? I think I did. The Goodbye in Dubai one.

    • ‘Tis a moth. A micro moth. I haven’t looked closely at it but maybe an Agriphila. The jury is still out on the jasmine I’m afraid. Pray share the headline as I am just getting over the battle to get through immigration here. Long, slow queues. But my hotel room is rather Ritzy.

      • I did wake up after my siesta and wondered if you had arrived yet, I also wondered what time it was and figured the time difference may be around five hours or so? More or less. I’m too idle to look it up.

        The trouble is Dubai seems to be the centre of blogdom at the moment. I’ve just replied to someone else over there. And there are a couple of others in Dubai/Saudi. Why is everyone going there? (Note to self, don’t be stupid. Money). So I now can’t remember who I have told this story to. I should really write it on the blog for all the Dubaious Types.

        A local guy got killed in Dubai. I think it was a motorcycle accident. Anyway, it made our front page lead, and the editor thought his witty headline of Goodbye in Dubai (it rhymes you see) was incredibly clever. The rest of us thought it was so tasteless. Our comments made no difference, he still went ahead with it. I don’t think he got a single complaint! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Journalists, I tell you. No soul. No compassion. That’s why I became a health service manager (and it paid better).

      • Your concern for my welfare is touching. It is gone midnight in Dubai, after 4am in HK and I am about to sleep. Totally zonked in fact. Zzzzzz

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