Home and Away

Landing in Hong Kong is always a good feeling. Despite all my gripes about air quality it is still home. I am always anxious to get back to Mrs. Ha and Lulu, sleep in my own bed, look at the sea from my study and listen to the birds venting their lung power gustoso and very fortissimo. Incalzando is the mot juste, I believe.

CathPath were back on form today so instead of trying to make myself understood to the girl serving our cabin I decided to sleep for the full 7 hours. I didn’t like the seat I had been allocated and asked if there were empty ones further forward. She said the plane was full. A walk down the aisle later revealed plenty of empty seats. I suspect the girl confused the words empty and full. Easily done. The up side of sleeping was I missed the “food”. I did try a very quick breakfast. The croissant was dry and unappetising. The tea was acceptable. The  orange juice was sipped and neglected. There was a further offering which might have been a muffin but forensics haven’t got back to me yet.

Any road up, I switched on the phone and lo and behold, an ‘invite’ to work again next week. Different contract, different work. 4 days in Singapore. Luxury. Apart from the work bit. And the weather of course. You can get a very reliable 365 day weather forecast for Sing. Hot and humid, high chance of  thunderstorms after lunch, clearing later. Yawn. The work I will enjoy. And of course I get paid. Not that that is a major consideration.

As I sit gazing out of the window in my second floor study, there are swallows flying around the house. We love the swallows and in our first year they nested in our garage and produced young. The next two years they nested, laid eggs and then the nest was destroyed on both occasions during the night. Unlikely to be anything other than malicious. Mrs. Ha was heartbroken. It happened on her birthday last year. Swallows nesting should bring you good luck in Chinese lore so she thinks someone locally is trying to drive away any good fortune that might come our way. This year we have installed 2 CCTV cameras and the nest, if we are so lucky, will be monitored and videoed 24/7. Maybe it is CathPath’s revenge. Our area is full of overpaid pilots on outrageous housing allowances. I know because I had one as a tenant 🙂

Tomorrow Mrs. Ha is off for a girls away day or two to somewhere in China. So its just me and Lulu to fend for ourselves. I have designated her cook although I suspect it will be dog biscuits for every meal. Raw. Her favourites are kangaroo and lamb. I like the venison ones. We will get by. She has been clipped whilst I was away and she looks much smarter despite her hair loss problem. Maybe I should try the same approach. Sadly my barber only knows one cutting style. You can ask for anything you like but you’ll still get a Standard Mick. HK$85. Just about 11 greenbacks. Great value but not going to get me on the cover of Vogue. Heaven forbid. 

And tomorrow, if I am spared, I shall have a lazy day, girding my loins for the fray again next week. Give me strength. Nos da. 

2 thoughts on “Home and Away

  1. Bore da from here. I keep wanting to write boreau da.

    Girl? How old was she? Under employment age? I think perhaps she was a woman or at least a young woman. But it must have been nice that CP was its reliable self. So annoying when things aren’t what you expect.

    I liked Singapore. We stayed in Raffles when it was still old and colonial and had a suite twice the size of our flat here. I could have stayed there for ever (apart from not having enough money). Suited me down to the ground, although I think it was on the first or second floor. Sounds like you have already accepted.

    Haven’t seen swallows for years. I love some of the Chinese beliefs in luck and feng shui. They all seem eminently practical.

    I see that Mrs Ha is also a girl. I’m being slow off the mark here. What else could I expect from a boyo?

    We bought a machina for hair cuts for about 17€ I don’t know how many years ago. I can manage a few different styles, but if he starts to do it himself it’s the basic one that I have to tidy up. Still, good vfm. Pippa most definitely does not get clipped, apart from his toenails. And no, he hasn’t had a blog post either. Must dash for brunch and some cleaning action.

    • I refuse to kowtow to anything smacking remotely of political correctness.

      I’ve never stayed at Raffles in Singapore but we did stay at the one in Siem Reap. Splendid place. Full of girls. And boys. Some of them our age.

      I’m teasing. Honest.

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