Beauty is in the eye of the camera gear junkie.

Well, did you ever see anything quite so beautiful as this?

Macro focus rail


Not the tripod and ballhead, luscious as they are but the Audrey Hepburn on top. The manufacturer calls it a B150 – B Package Macro Focusing Rail. I call it Gorgeous.

512g of precision engineering .  It has two (yes, TWO) screw knobs, a stage lock and a clutch. Designed to take collared lenses like my 180mm F3.5 Canon macro lens. Now I can adjust my close-up distances in fractions of a millimetre so when shooting for the stack the only excuse left is user error. Although I am sure I shall come up with others soon.

Shipped by UPS all the way from sunny California via Anchorage, Alaska to uptown Sai Kung.

Why oh why can’t Audi do engineering this good? I put my little Q5 in for a steering check a day or so ago. It pulls to the left when I brake. The first response was that tyre pressures weren’t even. Hmm. I think not. An Audi guy checked them very recently after a tyre needed repairing. 3″ nails are apparently not standard Bridgestone fit. The second excuse was that it was ‘normal’. Oh really? So it is normal that when I brake instead of stopping me in a straight line I need to expect my new car to veer left and require corrective action? Well I don’t recall the sales guy telling me that. I must tell my friends that one. We can all have a good chuckle. Not. Mrs. Ha’s A3 doesn’t do this so why does my Q5?

So I have decided that next time we change car, probably around 2020 if I’m spared, I will hope that those awfully nice people at Really Right Stuff will have moved on from cameras to motor cars. Poop poop!!

12 thoughts on “Beauty is in the eye of the camera gear junkie.

  1. Let me be the first gearhead to gush at the awesomeness of the rail. It has the appearance of being much more substantial and reliable than the one I use which is also considered of high quality. And the first to congratulate you on the new arrival. 🙂
    Eagerly awaiting the maiden run.

    • Thanks Steve. She’s a fine piece of kit but this afternoon’s excursion was dismal. I’ll share the frustration offline (not focus rail related – just flash).

  2. My coat is just as beautiful. In my eyes. I’ll leave the techy camera talk to those who understand it. A little red circle about even which part you were talking about might have helped the ignorant.

    However I can comment on vorsprung durch technick (stupid germans use too many upper case). Which I consider not to be the case based on my Audi A4. Of all my lease cars, it had the most serious problem and it was – yes – steering. It made a disgusting staggering, groaning noise, and when I took it in, it was a major repair job on a car that wasn’t a couple of years old. Glad it was a lease car and I didn’t have to pay. My beloved Renault 19 had a minor electric window fault and my racy chavvy Astra (before chavs were invented I suspect) was perfect.

    Anyway, if you want dodgy steering best to invest in a Land Rover Series model. You have to continually jiggle the steering wheel just to drive in a straight line.

    • Well the Q5 has already been in once for brake problems and it took 3 or 4 days as they had to reinstall the software. Frankly its a crap car. I would never buy one again. And a snip at almost 50,000 quid (tax is 100% here). I would also never, ever buy a French car. I did own a Freelander once. Head gasket went after 13,000 miles and I sold it immediately. Best car I have had was a Golf GTi hotly pursued by a BMW 323i coupe. The beamer was a break-in magnet so I stopped buying BMWs too.

      Surely you don’t need a red circle to see that its the bit on top that is just oozing class and beauty. I mean Steve Gingold knew instantly. Its just, well, obvious.

  3. Steering is essential. Hope that is fixed properly for you. I will not be commenting for a while. Don’t have a computer now- it went kaput. Hope I had all my photos on the external hard drive. I think most are- but not sure. Decided not to replace computer and dc’d internet service. I will now have to get on the treadmill. Am using library computer. Allocated only 1 hour and can not get to all blogs. Have no time to get over to mine. I like your new get up. Impressive. Hope things are better for Lulu.

    All the best,

  4. Yvonne, that is very sad. It is difficult to be disconnected like that and then rationed. Communication with your online community is good for you and us. PCs drive me mad but where would I be without one? Lulu has been clipped and looks better but only time will tell if she will recover. I hope for better times for you soon, Yvonne.

  5. Hope this works – trying to send from phone. At least you veer to the left Andrew and not the right!

    Wel jel of your tripod – very gorgeous indeed!

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