Looking at my files for March 2012 I noticed that Mrs. Ha and I had been in Macau at the end of the month. We had obviously had excellent weather so I sent the lady in question an RFA (Request for Approval): 1 trip to Macau for two, week after next. For the avoidance of doubt Mrs. Ha would be number 2. She interrupted her girls lunch to issue an AIP, (Agreement in Principle). A formal application would have to be submitted including details of proposed accommodation etc. but conceptually it sounded like a jolly good wheeze.

My proposal is the rather plush Pousada De Sao Tiago, where we had a late tiffin last time. The rack rates are egregiously high but by the wonders of the interweb you can book at significantly reduced rates. So that is the plan of action.

Macau is far from being solely a gambling paradise. All it needs is a little willingness to explore. The casinos are normally easily identifiable by the shockingly bad taste of the decor and the pall of mainland Chinese cigarette smoke hanging over them. We did stay at The Venetian once. We took the girls for a weekend and frankly it was tacky. Very, very tacky. Appallingly tacky in fact. Quite the tackiest hotel I have ever stayed in. I have never been to Vegas but I am sure The Venetian would feel quite at home there. Indeed I half expected a Chinese Engelbert Humperdinck to appear, at which point I would have screamed Please release me, let me go…………… And I would encourage Mrs. Ha not to throw her knickers at him. One of the sadder admissions I have to make in life is that my mother actually bought that record. She quite liked our Engelbert. Dad liked Chopin and I liked Freddie and the Dreamers. Well I was very young at the time. Guilty as charged.

So in anticipation of the forthcoming trip, here are some previously unprocessed images from the bowels of the 2012 Macau Archive.

Through the door


Alley Cat




Smoke gets in your eyes (Esso Blue?)


The worshiper


All shot with a Leica M9.

And of course we shall certainly indulge in the Portuguese egg tarts and the macaroons. All I need now is for Mrs. Ha to sign off. Have a very happy weekend.

16 thoughts on “Macau-roons

  1. Sign, Shirley, sign!!! I can still do the Freddie….it is probably the only dance I am still capable of performing although the legs and arms at times get quite confused. You do make Macau sound enticing. Mmmmm egg tarts. 🙂 Enjoy the Ides of March in Macau with your lovely bride…Murphy and I will be temporary bachelors at that time.

    • You can do the Freddie? Well I am impressed. I am sure I can’t. I was on a trip to Kazakhstan a few years back (business of course) and was taken out for the evening by our hosts. The music in the Almaty restaurant was very retro and I have vague recollections of trying to twist again like I did 40 summers ago. Luckily I was able to get up again. I don’t think there will be a next time.

  2. Did women throw their knickers at Engelbert too? I thought it was just Mr Bones who claimed that dubious glory.

    I don’t think that hotel would do much for cheapskate camping vegetarians. La Paloma’s menu was a bit lacking. Why the Spanish emphasis on everything too? Portuguese I can understand, but Spanish? And although I totally abhor desserts, I have been known to eat the odd bollo (?) for breakfast with my nice dark café when in Portugal.

    What is a rainforest shower? The words ****ing it down come to mind. And a mirror TV in the bathroom? And B&O surround sound? I do know what that is and thought it had died the death last century (unlike my B&O stereo that would be quad had my parents bought another two speakers).

    But enjoy the hol. After three days work you will need it.

    • FOUR days please (including travelling, which I do). You are ahead of me as I haven’t looked at the details yet. A rainforest shower is simply one mounted in the ceiling that dribbles water down on you. I have no idea what a mirror TV is as I rarely watch TV or look in mirrors. My dad did experiment with quadrophonic but only briefly. he liked B&O and had KEF speakers IIRC. I am not an expert in women throwing knickers and you may well be right about only young Tommy Woodward getting the garments hurled at him but I thought EH was in the same league. Possibly not. Mrs. Ha hasn’t signed off yet so we are still in AIP mode.

      • Pardon my intrusion…but you can add Tom Jones to the list of knicker recipients. Since I never was a target of said garments I regard the habit as rather tasteless.

      • Steve, Mr. Bones rhymes with (Tom) Jones.
        Thomas Woodward is Mr. Bones Jones real name.
        Furthermore he is from Pontypridd, not far from where I was born. Sadly that’s the closest we have to anything in common. Which is a shame for T B-J. He’d probably like a Leica M9.

      • Ah….I guess I gave away my lack of crooner background. 🙂 Thanks for the real name information. I have always wondered whether the ladies came with a supply of panties or actually removed them during the performance. Most likely a combination which could have been a bit naughty for those wearing slacks. The heady excitement of the moment I would imagine.

    • Phil, firecrackers are the ultimate Chinese celebration accompaniment. So I think it is highly likely they were made in Macau. They are banned in HK now – far too dangerous – but they still find their way into the villages and the loud bangs of celebration can be heard at night.

  3. The comments above are great and had me in stitches – but thanks guys…now all I can think about is Mr Bones having a deluge of scanties thrown at him. So much so, that I’d almost forgotten that this post is about your imminent trip to Macau (pmp) and not about the writhing crooner.

    I’m a sucker for macaroons and portugese custard tarts. Have a great trip Andrew and I can’t wait to see your pictures 😀

  4. Well we finally decided on the old stand-by, The Mandarin Oriental. I guess we shall just have to slum it. It has to be better then the Carlton in Singapore this week.

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