Ice Hole

Now then, Gingold Minor, stop laughing at the back of class. I said Ice Hole.



You see Mrs. Ha and I have been trying to agree on a hotel for Macau and the stumbling block is my refusal to pay HK$160 per day for wifi. It seems all the hotels have introduced this iniquitous charge and it strikes me simply as a way of extracting more from the customer in harder times. We certainly didn’t pay for wifi last year. So we have called ‘time out’ and I have retreated to my study to play with the Antarctic trip pics. So here is a chance to show a few more and I’d thought I’d start with an ice hole.

And next up is the rather flirtatious Leonard Seal (the well-known typing error). Go on, give us a kiss. I don’t bite. Well maybe I do but just a little bit.



And I know you all liked the Shag on Ice so here’s another shot in close up.




The Crabeater seal in the meantime was getting rather bored and looking to retreat to his own ice hole. Enough, as they say, is enough.



The penguins were arguing about whether they should take the plunge:


Whilst the skua just wanted to make a nuisance of himself.




The penguin felt the need to check everything was in working order:



And us? Well we just soaked up the evening light and left the animals to their own devices. Happy memories.


23 thoughts on “Ice Hole

  1. Amazing photos, and my favourite too was the penguin shot and the commentary. I followed you from Lottie as well.
    That is a ridiculous charge for wi fi. We get around it by having a stick that we top up with credit and can just put into our laptops for net access.

    • Thanks Foxymoron (wonderful name). In Korea we rented a mobile hotspot. It worked brilliantly but I haven’t seen them elsewhere. In Singapore last week the hotel didn’t have wifi in the rooms but offered me a router on the quiet. It took over 2 hours to get working because, they claimed, someone must have set up a private router in their room which they don’t allow. Technology is both wonderful and frustrating. Usually the latter !

  2. Absolutely delightful. Amazing photographs.

    I followed you here from Lottie Nevin’s blog and I’m so very glad I did. Oh, and I don’t blame you I don’t want to pay extra for wi-fi, either. Ridiculous!

  3. I’ve found your blog thanks to Lottie Nevin and I’ve followed, so you’re now in my Reader. I’m with you on wifi. We have the same argument here in Bali. LOVE your blog!

    (The name’s Richard Laidlaw by the way. I am not related to Leonard Seal. My DNA comes from quite a different strand.)

    • Thanks Richard. With a name like Laidlaw I hope you are not a Scottish rugby fan. If you are, please accept grateful thanks from a Welshman.

      • Grrr! :).

        You might from time to time get a smile, wan or otherwise, out of Hector’s Diary which appears on my blog (because Hector McSquawky, the world’s only Scottish cockatoo, is a lazy buzzard and I have to do all his writing).

        Yours Aye (well, until the next match)

        Richard L

  4. Enjoyed the commentary and pictures. Lottie is pretty deft with the camera as well as a wordsmith. As for wifi. I would have thought it is included in the room charge. Does it cost anything or wear out something? I mean charge for oxygen or water next!

    • Dank je wel! We have now booked at the Mandarin including wifi but there are still hotels that don’t even provide wifi – think Pan Pacific Singapore where I used to have occasional enforced stays, which always involved a battle to get them to install a router in my room. Oxygen and water I may pay for in extremis. Wifi I shall not.

  5. Reblogged this on Lottie Nevin and commented:
    I’ve been following Andrew’s blog for a couple of months now and I’m hooked! Not only does he have a fabulous and wicked sense of humour but he is a most wonderful photographer. If you want a fabulously entertaining read and beautiful photographs too, then look no further! Take it away Andrew!

  6. Another really lovely set (and great commentary to boot)!

    Here in the US, expensive hotels charge upwards of $15-20/day (possibly more) for wifi, whereas the so-called “budget” places usually have free wifi. I’ve never quite understood that, but I don’t mind either, since it’s the budget places I usually can afford. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Roughseas Minor laughed too.

    Not sure I remember enjoying the Shag on Ice. Perhaps one I missed.

    Dear penguins. Their expressions are priceless. Even on inspection duty.

  8. Whatever do you mean? I certainly haven’t an inkling. At any rate, you know I am a big fan of holes in ice so I like it…despite the hidden meaning that escapes us all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice birdies and pinnipedsies too.
    Charge for WiFi…ridiculous. Is it optional? It is still a come hither advert as a freebie here in the states (every hotel, motel, coffee shop and newsstand offers it) but I fear Macau may be the beginning of something that will sweep the planet. As you say…get every last bit you can from the suffering public. If you are going to gouge us be smart…don’t tell us you are doing it. A slight raise in the fees and who would be the wiser…..although HK$160/day does seem noticeable.

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