I am not really in blogging mood right now but this is a nice shot from our garden this morning. Last year we had Red-whiskered bulbuls nesting in a small shrub in our garden. This year they have competition. A squatter has moved in. A Brown tree frog.



I suspect it dozes during the day and forages at night.

I did go out to take pics this morning but came back frustrated by the hordes of people infesting the LNEC, their coaches blocking the car parking spaces, engines running….. selfish in the extreme.

This was one effort:



There is one more I am mulling over but so far it hasn’t met the quality test.


16 thoughts on “Squatters

  1. At first glance Mr Tree Frog looks like a dried up leaf, a crafty bit of camouflage from the arborial amphibian!
    I haven’t been in blog mood either this week so that makes 2 of us 😀

  2. Oh, one last thing! I was thinking of you yesterday a pro po of being someone whose photographs I greatly admire, and I wonder if you would mind giving me some technical advice on photography? I have something that I want to photograph and I’d love to ask you advice on settings. Would that be ok?

  3. he is lovely. I had to blow him up (not literally obviously) to find him. he did indeed look like a leaf, but once enlarged and then looking at the original again, he is easy to see.

    do (tree) frogs often take over nests ?

  4. I love the nesting frog. What a lovely thing. 🙂 Our pond is gradually filling up with frogs as every spring there is froggie love fest in it… one year my husband counted 179 of them (and that was just the ones he could see…) but so far we have no tree frogs (that we know of). I don’t think there are tree frogs in Powys…!

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