Much ado about something

A new version of “The cat sat on the mat” is on offer today. “The frog sat in the nest“. It is still in situ. I wonder how the frog got in and more importantly how it gets out.

I sat in the garden this morning. Armed with nothing but a cup of coffee and my book on Ansel Adams I was completely absorbed. Lulu looked on. Gradually I became aware that the sound of the birds was overwhelming all else. Our small garden is walled and it seems that the walls act as an amplifier, bouncing the sounds around with no escape. Pinball birdsong. I was never a pinball wizard but I think the bulbul may well be.

“How do you think he does it? 
I don’t know!
What makes him so good?”

After reading some more of the book I decided to have another look at one of my Antarctic landscapes and made another version.


I’m not sure it is very different from the last attempt. One of the learnings about Adams is how his prints varied dramatically over time. He printed some negatives over several decades and later versions can differ from earlier interpretations to a remarkable degree. Right now this is how I see this image but maybe in 5 years I will process it with a completely different set of emotions.

Yesterday I went for a walk along the seawall and here are a few shots from that walk.

This dog was in a life jacket!!


Licking his lips as his mistress gets ready to throw the tennis ball


And here they are arguing over who it belongs to


And this is Jeff Thomson’s classic fast bowling sling delivery action translated into tai chi


Followed by a more traditional move.


And that’s the lot. I’m off to look for my mojo 😦

13 thoughts on “Much ado about something

  1. I like the Antarctic landscape very much. Also enjoyed reading about the Lulu looking about and the bulbul’s song bouncing off the walls. That little bird most be one heck of a singer. GSD is gorgeous. Smart owner to put the life jacket on him. You never know what could happen if the water is really deep.

  2. I want that dog! Gorgeous expressions there. Pippa does have some rainjackets. Which he should have had on today so they hot-pawed it back home. He is not fond of water either falling on him or surrounding him, although like the one in your photo our GSD loved it, as did our Lab (unsurprisingly).

    Never did like cricket. Although I liked pinball wizard.

    WP is being very silly and keeps telling me your newest post is your Ice Hole. But never mind, I know it is lying.

    • He’s a great dog, isn’t he? The Ice Hole has been reblogged by the lovely Lottie. I’m sure this has confused WP.

      I read your post on IWD but didn’t feel qualified to comment. Not a subject for humour.

      Pls post pic of Pippa in a poncho.

      • WordPress gets confused without reblogging. Nice alliteration with Lovely Lottie.

        Do you only do humorous comments then? I am afraid although I wrote a reasonable measured post last year, reading some trite stuff about it made me flip, hence the slightly sarcastic rant. But at least it was short.

      • I can do serious but find it rather risky. Voicing conflicting views on serious subjects could sit uncomfortably with the usual junk I turn out. I am not a big fan of conflict. There is far too much in the world already. I am a curmudgeon with a desire for inner peace. (The search goes on). I’m not going to find it arguing the toss with F-wits. I don’t mean about IWD, just to be clear. I just want to slide into oblivion quietly.

      • You fence-sitter!!

        People don’t agree with me. I can live with that. They may well be wrong, but they are still entitled to their wrong ill-informed point of view.

        But in an evermore stupid world that is reliant on internet soundbites, I think discussion is ever more valid on blogs. If you look at my IWD post, both Helen and Ella_Dee posted up good extra information. What’s wrong with that?

        If you look at my Crufts post on Clouds, Vicky and Jessie posted up extra information.

        I think all that is valuable and informative. If anyone takes anything out of it, then it has made my effort worthwhile. I can’t do much to change the world, I can take the odd dog off the street, give to homeless people (Pakistani style charity there), and maybe occasionally make people think with what I write. Who knows?

        You see, you should have commented on mine after all, because this reply doesn’t suit your blog. Tant pis eh?

      • Noting wrong with posting extra info especially if it is useful (including accurate) but I am sure I can not add anything to a debate on IWD. Ergo I stay away from the fray lest I fall into temptation and write something that might be construed as inappropriate (i.e. flippant) on a matter that merits serious debate. Too many people contribute for the sake of being seen to contribute.

        My blog is open-minded and eclectic. You are free to comment in a serious vein if you wish but similar responses are not guaranteed. Luckily for both of us perhaps my humour generator has blown a fuse for now….

  3. I wrote a post once about losing my mojo! Huh! Mojo’s eh? Mine has a habit of disappearing from time to time – it randomly takes off without so much of as by your leave and then, when I’m least expecting it, it pitches up again. I have no idea where it goes to, or what it gets up to when it’s off gadding somewhere else but thankfully it always returns – a bit like a bad penny really.

    The dog and the life jacket! That’s a first! I’ve never seen anything like it. Do all the dogs in Honkers wear life-jackets? I wonder if Lulu has one 🙂

    • Ah Lottie, Lulu has never done the doggy paddle and doesn’t need a life jacket in the dining room (fingers crossed). I have also not seen a dog in a life jacket before so I wanted a record for posterity 🙂

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