Follow the yellow brick road

Mrs. Ha and I have arrived in Macau.


She is putting her best feet forward and I’m struggling to do much at all.



But we are very impressed with the Mandarin Oriental and dinner was scrummy. Tomorrow the hunt for the ultimate photograph begins.



3 thoughts on “Follow the yellow brick road

  1. Huzzah…you have arrived, found the accomodations to your liking and Shirley’s stepping out has to be the highlight photo of the trip. 🙂
    Have a fine time…you deserve it.

  2. Ah, it’s our correspondent from Macau – most excellent. Have fun chasing the ultimate photo and look forward to hearing about your travels. You are developing a bit of a fan club on my Facebook since I’ve shared your last 2 posts. One of them is a lady in Honkers and another in Australia. That joke you made about Mr Bones…you need to be careful what you wish for young Andrew 😀

  3. Love the first shot. The color and light are really great. Good luck on the hunt, some how I thought it had already started. Now that I know, I’ll have to start also.

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