The good, the bad and the coffee

A rather late start this morning meant we were at the start of the Taipa paquena walk rather too close to the worst time of the day. I feared we would have wasted our time getting there. I was pleasantly surprised therefore to find plenty of bird activity. The good was a parakeet. I suspect it was an Alexandrine but others may know better.


This is a crop as I only had a 200mm lens with me. We also had excellent views of Hwamei. They were clearly marking territory and proclaiming their readiness to mate. Belting out their favourite tunes, tails fanned and the chestnut plumage gleaming in the sun. Several winter thrushes seemed rather out of place in the heat and many of our local HK visitors paraded for us. By the time we were ready to descend and lunch we had spent 2 hours covering 2km and enjoyed a hummingbird hawkmoth and lots of glorious flowers too. Azalea anyone?


The cafe we chose was selling kopi luwak or civet coffee (DYOR). And like a mug, I succumbed. It tasted good until I learned that much of the civet coffee is from farmed civets, similar to battery hens. All cafes tell you their kopi is from wild civets but I suspect ours were furious. Who knows but never again unless I see the civet in the wild, ingesting, digesting and passing.

I immediately went to the temple to do penance and burn a few offerings.


On the way back we had the ugly. A dog was locked inside a building. Clearly distressed, the dog was pushing his muzzle under the metal shutters and fluid was on the pavement. Then, briefly he would withdraw and start pawing the door. Many passers by gathered, worried about the dog. The owner of the cafe next door came out and assured us this was normal each time the shop was closed. No big deal. In other words the dog is habitually mistreated. Shocking. I have photographed the shop and the dog’s muzzle and I’ll see if there is an SPCA in Macau.

We finished off with another walk around the old town and I discovered this rather bizarre wall art


An entomological tour de force. And now we are relaxing at the hotel before we go out to dinner. More adventures tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the coffee

  1. Heartbreaking about the dog – I see so much cruelty here in Jakarta. Someone picked a kitten up off the pavement the other day and lobbed it over a wall – what???!

    As for the Kopi Lewak and the Civet cats – I agree it’s pitiful how they are treated and shocking. I’m sorry to report that Animal welfare in Indonesia is about as low down on the list as it’s possible to get – bad, sad news.

    Love all of your photos but the BEE-ZARE street art is my favourite! ;D

    • I honestly don’t know. It wasn’t possible to see if it had food and water but being locked up like that was clearly stressing him.

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