More Macau Moments

We did not know that Macau had Giant Pandas  but when we learned this we toddled off to the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion (sic.). You may take it that it was the pandas that were Giant rather than the Pavilion. To be honest it wasn’t bad but I suspect if I were a GP I’d want rather more space to roam. Mr. & Mrs. GP were in separate enclosures when we visited. Mrs. GP was snoozing gently whilst Mr. GP was dragged out of his deep slumber for a mid-morning bamboo snack.



The rest of the Parque de Seac Pai Van de Coloane was rather squalid in my view and I am afraid I ushered Mrs. Ha around fairly rapidly. I had no urge to linger. I think the panda above is shouting “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”.

Much more to my taste was this Hummingbird Hawkmoth



I add a few more images from our old town walk to show that there is much of interest beyond casino-land. Although Macau is far more low rise than Hong Kong it does differ to the extent that more old buildings seem to have survived. Many are in poor repair but peeping through the odd door gives a glimpse into the traditional home environment. I hope Macau has a better sense of heritage preservation than HK.



A few years ago, in the days when I was gainfully employed and Mrs. Ha’s sole responsibility was to spend, we were invited by one of the large accountancy firms to visit Macau to watch a couple of old boys play tennis. Sampras and Agassi they were. Andre looked as if he had added a little avoirdupois thanks possibly to Steffi’s German cooking. Easy on the Spiegelei und Bratkartoffeln, Liebling! Mit Altbier. Shortly afterwards he confessed to having been a bit of a sniffer in his time and I can only say that if this is where he got his rackets then I suspect he would have needed artificial assistance.



At least they were tightly strung and well air-conditioned.

We also happened across a sign that made me stop dead in my tracks and wonder whether Sir Les Patterson might be at home.



As usual I couldn’t resist a call of nature. And in this instance the call was made by a tree. Take my picture it yelled. And so I did.



Natural colours and textures. Lovely. I think this was just the sort of place the pandas would like. So if you do happen to visit them can I suggest leaving the door off the latch when you leave and then we can have a proper panda safari. Bring your own bamboo shoots.

A jolly weekend to you all.


4 thoughts on “More Macau Moments

  1. I echo Just Rod’s sentiments entirely except perhaps for hugging the tree………? More like hugging your pee! As for those stonkingly huge giant pandas. I’m sure bamboo snacks are great, really great in fact but, life on the open road is much more fun! (with a glove compartment full of bamboo snacks of course)

  2. As you mentioned “call of nature” I reacted the same as Lottie although I must say the tree does look quite huggable. Any picture of a Panda is a winner for me. But in a zoo is not my idea of a nice way to spend one’s life even if it is for the furthering of the species…although maybe that is not even the reasoning here. While I do realize that most of the world cannot travel to proper environments and in some cases the up close experience can engender an appreciation of the species, I am not a fan of zoos.

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