A walk on the tame side

A stroll into town today with the X100 in my pocket……. just in case. We had a cheap and cheerful lunch in a greasy spoon café and then went on to a small gallery to look at the work of 3 local artists. I ended up buying a watercolour, as much to support the artists as anything else. I did like it though and Mrs. Ha has an eye on a picture of a bull. The challenge is always where to hang them.

This is what I bought (links to post from the artist’s blog).

I also took a few shots in black and white – all jpegs.

Cat not in a flap

Cat not in a flap

Let dozing dogs sigh

Let dozing dogs sigh

The Chef

The Chef

No dunking

No dunking

Checking the news

Checking the news

He clocked me!

He clocked me!

Life could be a lot worse than in Sai Kung. We walked up the steep hill home, laden with the essentials of the day – 2 hairy cucumbers and a watering can. Life is good. I have to wait a week for the exhibition to end to collect my watercolour.


13 thoughts on “A walk on the tame side

  1. Great picture that you bought- How Now Brown Cow. Pretty stunning photos too. Being the eejit that I am you may need to explain to me why you said that they are all jpegs? Best wishes Empress Luddite

    • Well Lottie I usually shoot in RAW and convert to jpeg but in this instance I shot RAW files with a B&W jpeg alongside – so two images each time I pressed the shutter. These were simply the jpegs out of the camera not generated out of RAW files. The cows are feral – they used to be farmed around here and are now just wandering freely and still going forth and multiplying. Most people love them but others want rid of them They are local celebrities, especially Grumpy. I wanted something with a local flavour and what better than a nice herd of cattle. Sometimes they lie on the grass round the corner from us and just chew away all day. Totally calm and friendly. I for one would be sad to see them go but you do have to be careful when driving. Many however have developed road sense 🙂

  2. These are all quite good Andew. Of course I am partial to the pic of the sleeping dog and of the balck cat. Really nice collection. I like the man sitting at the table reading. Do you need to ask permission to take their pics? I mean the people, of course. 🙂 I like the watercolor of the cattle a lot. Why get rid of them. They add to the local flavor. Nice scenery for a change. You should do more photos of this kind.

    PS : I am at the library again. My HP computer is enroute from the state that is home of country and western music. I purchased what the woman said was a “high-end.” I shall see if that remains to be true.

    • Yvonne, we are all looking forward to having you back online. Not long to go now.

      These pictures are not being used for any commercial purpose and if anybody ever saw themselves in a shot and objected I would simply take it down. These are usually candids and the HK Street Photographers Group has quite strict guidelines about not posting images of people who are homeless, disadvantaged in some way, etc. Everybody is entitled to their dignity.

      The cattle are much loved locally and I shall be pleased to hang the watercolour in my study.

  3. Lots of great framing in this batch, Andrew. The cat is so well seen. A good case of taking serendipity and raising it a level. I think you purchased yourself a fine watercolor. Did you reward the chef by dining on his fare? 🙂

  4. Please excuse the fact that I a catching up and viewing your posts in reverse order. This Grandpa thing, while the greatest 6 wks in memory for me, has been almost all consuming. I really like the photos from your X100 that you have been sharing. Perhaps when the wave of early adopters hits I can find an under appreciated one for myself on the cheap.

    • Barry, I think being a Grandpa is much more important but I appreciate you dropping by. I hope you have many more years of joy and fun being a grandpa.

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