From the archives

Just a few shots from my X100 files today. As the X100S is out and upgrades this little camera significantly I am reviewing whether I “need” to splash out or the old one still gives decent image quality. No particular theme.

Dim sum

Dim sum, anyone?

Recycling cardboard


I have no idea!!  Wall art of sorts.


Tai Koo Shing


A couple of these apartments are mine but I have no idea which ones!!!


Mr. Kippy (?) keeping one eye on me




Radio Por por.


Me! Looking older each day but celebrating today the fact that my home country demolished a small neighbouring country 30-3 in the Rugby Union 6 Nations Championship yesterday. I stayed up until 3am to watch the match finish and a joyous occasion it was too.


The End.


12 thoughts on “From the archives

  1. Oops. Hit the wrong key before ready to post. Should help the stats though. 🙂
    After the thrashing at the championship I would expect a bit more of a toothy grin, but then you must be tired.
    The Dim Sum boxes remind me of cheese crates. Some landlord you….not even knowing where your real estate lies. 🙂

  2. I’m having a little chuckle about the one with the couple and the KY…what is that all about!
    Excellent portrait of you, very dashing! I’m wel jel of the Mannequin – I can see that I’m going to have to up the ante here with the mannequins – there’s some serious competition!
    And all the rest are fabulous as always!

    P.s very nice to hear from Mr G on my post – I gave him some homework – a seriously depressing new film by Dianna Cohen on plastic – probably not something to watch if you are feeling in the least bit blue or out of sorts! Mr G’s comments were much appreciated as is the Guinness that I’m about to quaff to cheer me up on St Patrick’s Day!

    • Ah, Mr. G is a top man and a far finer photographer than I shall ever be. Gunniness on St. Paddy’s? What else? The top of the evening to you both. Enjoy the rest of the day and perhaps you could have your own parade.

      • Very kind words, Andrew. I am not sure entirely true as I think I can’t hold a candle to your street work which I think is excellent. 🙂
        I had the same reaction as Lottie to the K-Y image but was a bit shy about saying anything. 🙂 If only that were true.

    • It was nice to have our exchange of comments, Lottie, and I appreciate you sharing the Diana Cohen video. Depressing as it is it still is a worthwhile watch and informative as well.
      I am a sporadic commenter but am now following your blog so I may show up there again some time.

  3. Some excellent photos Andrew, shows what a good photographer can do with the Fuji X100. I am thinking you used a film emulation for a couple of these shots, in particular the Tai Koo Shing photo. The new Fuji X100s seems like a logical upgrade or first purchase, especially for the new sensor.

    • Barry, some of these are old Lightroom presets but when I upgraded from 3 to 4 they disappeared. I have something called Alien Skin 4 which is supposed to replicate the film look. I quite like it both for colour and B&W. it is highly customisable. My favourite is Kodachrome 25. Worth having a look. I’m sure they do a free trial.

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