Playing with Lightroom

This afternoon I picked out another shot or two taken with my X100.

One I will just present as previously processed. The one below however is a shot I have not processed at all before and I thought it might have potential as a B&W shot.  Here is the original frame with a bit of tweaking. Note that the perspective is a bit skewed.


And this was where I went to in B&W including an attempt to straighten the tower.


But then I thought, why stop there? Go for something more dramatic still. The sky is moodier, storm-like, even though you can see from the original shot that it was a nice bright,sunny day. Much of this melodrama was created simply by playing with the temperature slider.



And if I needed any convincing that I don’t need to upgrade to the X100S, I found this shot, taken on the same day.

Architectural outlook


So there we are, decision made. No upgrade. With a big thank you to Alister Benn for reminding that it is possible to stop the gear-go-round and work with what you have. Safe travels, Ali.


11 thoughts on “Playing with Lightroom

  1. Great stuff Andrew – I much prefer the B&W and the last picture is fabulous.

    The Empress has been in tears this morning…not a good day. Just when I was doing well with my Canon, I’ve now managed to wreck it – took out the memory card and went to put another one back in and have managed to dislodge something in the bottom of the slot where the memory card goes. Tears and tantrums…I’m praying that it can be fixed. I was very careful so I really don’t know how it happened – BOO HOO! Has anything like this happened to you?

    • No Lottie. But I doubt if you will get much sympathy from Canon – or only at a price. I have a camera that has been clicked only 1100 times and needs a new shutter house – they want HK$1300 to replace it – about 20% of the cost of the old body. After 1100 pictures they think its reasonable to expect the camera to fail. Its my fault for not using it enough apparently. Have you tried the water shots yet?

      • No I haven’t Andrew, not yet, and that’s partly why I’m so sad and miserable about this problem. I had a months worth of work lined up that I was going to make and now I’m %$£@*& because of what has happened. I was just starting to really get the hang of it too, especially after your great help and information on speeds etc. As you say it probably is mendable (I jolly well hope so!!) but at what price. I dread to think 😦

        I’m not getting comments back on my feed from comments that I’ve left on other peoples blogs which is most strange – normally I get a notification but for some reason yours don’t seem to appear if i’ve left a comment on here. Glad I stopped by here again to check.

        Oh and one last thing! I can see your office from our balcony! It’s very distinctive 😀

    • Possibly one of the contacts is just bent, Lottie. I hope it is only that and it can be solved easily and not too dearly unlike Andrew’s unfortunate experience which is such poor form by Canon.

      • Steve this is exactly what has happened – one of the contacts has got bent – I think there was a problem with the memory card and when I ejected it, it bent one of the links back. Such a pain in the butt – hey ho!!

  2. I very much like the dramatic sky version, much good work like this done in the 1950’s see photo journals of that era.

    • Thank you Geoff. I am looking at older photos a lot more at present to see what the masters achieved without the ‘advantage’ of digital to work with. I just need a little more free time to experiment.

  3. A fine collection Andrew. I agree that the extra processing to achieve some extra drama is a good move. Alister gives good advice always. And especially in this case. At some point the gear is more than adequate and we just need to catch up to it. I have no plans to upgrade from the 5D2 as it provides excellent files and any shortcoming is the responsibility of moi.

    • Thanks Steve. Some of the books I have acquired recently and exchanging views with you and others have encouraged me to be a little bolder in processing. Part of that was a learning from the printing too. I have used Silver Efex a lot less recently and relied on LR4 to create the effects – I found the SEP2 images were getting a little predictable. I need to top up my catalogue though to find new images to work on. I still have not really done much landscape or architectural work with the 5D3.

  4. Yes!! luckily I was looking through your comments so spotted what you just wrote! It doesn’t come up in my notifications otherwise I would have missed that great LOL!

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