Pond life and photography

Now I am not going to write about politicians so please don’t get too excited. I know its been a bad day for some. The Empress Lottie has bent a contact (she’s not saying which one), Sandra has been radar zapped by the Swissies and Yvonne has been let down by an IT “helpline” – who would have thought it. Only Steve and Murphy seem to be happy as The Wanderer has returned. The Murph is doing canine cartwheels.

No, today I ventured out to the local lotus pond and cast my photographic net around for things to keep me occupied. Luckily the rain held off. The frogs were at it like knives and I may post some croakers later but let’s kick off with a damselfly. Copera ciliata, the vernacular name for which was given by Graham Reels. He dubbed it the Black-kneed featherlegs.


The art of camouflage is pretty highly developed in nature and this spider was first rate:


I was playing with my new extension tube today (as boys do) and here is a lichen courtesy of the Canon 180mm F3.5 macro lens with a 36mm Kenko extension tube, mounted on a 5D3.


And finally two shots converted to B&W, just for the hell of it.

Foliage around tree trunk

Rotting Wood

Foliage around tree trunk

Foliage around tree trunk

You want frogs? Alright then, close ups from the SX50 super-zoom.

Chinese Bullfrog

Chinese Bullfrog

Günther's Frog

Günther’s Frog

I hope the spider didn’t put too many of you off.  Constructive feedback always appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Pond life and photography

  1. Being a touch partial to frogs, they are my favorites of the lot. Spiders are cool. 🙂 Although we are “supposed” to capture living things facing the camera, I like the Chinese Bullfrog image. When captured this way they take on a rather pensive appearance that I like. The damselfly is about as nice as a damselfly image can be. And I am liken the texture of image #3.

    Murphy is still agog with excitement and I am rather pleased as well. It will be my turn to wander next, but as Mary Beth is home with him all day my absence will not take on quite the sense of deprivation for the little guy.

    • Steve, the frogs were not very cooperative. I used the super zoom to take these 2 shots and there was nowhere I could get a head on shot. This is about 1200mm handheld! I also like #3 and I am going to do the rotting wood shot in colour too. I just wanted to see what I could get out of B&W by way of texture. I am sure Murphy will miss you more than you think.

  2. Great photos. B & W are always wonderful. Beautiful frog. Lottie can go ahead and kiss the thing. Maybe Pete will turn into the handsome prince. I don’t know who Sandra is (was that her name)? and the Swiss.

    I an returning the computer in a few days. HP has printed return label for me for FedEx to use. Love the computer. Hate the service and foreigners that I can not understand. Extremely long waits on the phone. The complaint department tried their best to get me to keep the computer. Claimed the techs can not un-install Windows 8. I told her it is a LIE. Costco does it all the time. Of course the user is following tech’s directions.


  3. The Empress let out a great whoop! (NOoooo not that sort) of excitement when she saw her Frog Prince at last. What a handsome fellow , terrific in fact. I’d plant my lips on his any day of the week. The Damselfly is pretty hot stuff too.

    Spider very camouflaged indeed – warning of arachnoids not necessary for the Empress but she is terrified of rats. Please remember to issue warning if Monsieur Norvegicus should ever crop up in one of your posts – she’ll be fleeing for the hills if the gin hasn’t got to her.

    Glad you got your new extension tube out today – I can see you enjoyed playing with it ;D

    • Thanks Lottie. Rats don’t normally feature in my blog. I’m mulling over a couple of these. They look over-sharpened to me and I may have to re-do them.

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